WhatsApp link, True or Scam ?

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        Most are getting a fearing WhatsApp message, which steals our privacy, let us see the reality..
Today when I was checking on my WhatsApp, I found an interesting message like this: 
Guys.. Did you think your WhatsApp msgs are safe???? Pls check this link and u can see all the msgs till date! Its sooo shocking our chats are being backed up on this site... put anyones number in the site and read all their messages. That means there is NO PRIVACY in WhatsApp.

After reading this, I actually shocked.. Because everyone like to keep our privacy.. I know WhatsApp has some security problems and my friend noticed those.. After inventing WhatsApp web version, there are more chance to keeping and leaking our messages.. So I carefully opened that link on my mobile phone, I feared to type my mobile number on that text box. They may steal WhatsApp database which located on WhatsApp folder in our phone. If our phone is rooted, we may read our past messages in database. So I closed my mobile phone and I opened same link on my computer. But again I feared to type my personal mobile number, because mobile number marketing agencies are seeking for active mobile numbers. So I gave WhatsApp number of one of my friend with specific format with country code, and I clicked on 'Get Message’ button. Then I waited a little time.

April fool fake message GetMessages

After some time.. I really shocked.. It was a fake and funny site with April Fool message.. Now I am happy, because all my WhatsApp messages are safe. :) If you already did this, don't worry.. Your messages are always safe.. If our message is not safe, is it causing world end?? :)

Whatsapp fake message

They also say: (This was only intended to be a prank. All your messages are totally safe!!!) Yea... Totally funny.. :)
Number of messages loaded is also a fake number.. Be careful while doing this.. They may keep your mobile number for SMS marketing..

I am already against April Fool day.. Can you answer following question?
  • Why should we fool someone? 
  • Why should we celebrate April fool day? 
  • If you fool someone, then how can he believe you even if you say some truth? 
  • If you fool someone, then what will you get? 
  • Why don't you utilize your time instead of fooling or kidding someone? 
  • Why don't you be a good person without kidding others or without saying lies? 
  • Why don't we avoid kidding others? 
Try to be a good person always.. Trying to help others..
Don't waste time by kidding others..

So don’t open this type of foolish link… Just avoid.. Go ahead with truth..............

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