Which is Best: WhatsApp Call or Hike Call

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        Both Popular Messengers WhatsApp and Kik Messenger support calling. Let us see which is best and perfect
             From 5 years ago, use of internet spreads around the world. Before 5 years, only $1.5 (RS. 90) was enough to get unlimited internet for 1 month. But nowadays there are no unlimited offers and we have to paid more than $4 to get 1GB 3G internet. 

Why mobile network companies increase the internet rates often? They say these reasons: 
  • Nowadays the use of SMS or MMS service is low and people use messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, hike, kik etc. 
  • Also instant chatting causes decrease in phone calls. 
  • Invention of WhatsApp again decreases the number of phone calls, because WhatsApp supports voice messages. 
Voice call over internet: 

Before some years, Google talk was the most popular voice call messenger through internet, but that didn't work with low bandwidth of internet. Now Google stopped the Google talk service forever. But Skype provides high quality voice and video call with median internet speed. We should need Skype's id to chat with someone, that why mobile number based messengers like WhatsApp got much popularity among people.

Before some months, hike invented unlimited free voice call over internet. If you have no talk time balance on your mobile, then you can call someone with hike through internet. Now WhatsApp also started voice call. I think invention of voice call on hike compelled to invent voice call on WhatsApp.

I tried both WhatsApp and hike call, and these are the comparisons between them:

Both are mobile number based messenger. No need a personal hike or WhatsApp id to chat, just need his/her phone number. If he/she is in hike or WhatsApp, then messenger automatically add them to our chat contact list. 

Hike  free Voice call
  • No need high speed internet connection, but does not works with very low speed internet connection.
  • Hike voice call is the first unlimited voice call service in popular mobile number based messengers. 
  • Older version does not support voice call. If you want to get this call facility, then just update with a newer version. 
  • Hike is not much popular among people, so you may not find someone on hike while you want to call them. 
  • Hike also supports limited number of free SMS (short message service) 
  • You might earn some money by inviting people to hike. 
Whatsapp free Voice call
  • Call is very clear and works with low internet speed. You might face some delay in very slow connection. 
  • New WhatsApp interface is voice call friendly. 
  • Calls are treated as normal phone call. 
  • Due to popularity of WhatsApp, this call facility is much useful among people, so we can save more money by decreasing normal phone calls. 
  • We can run WhatsApp in Computer also: learn here

Note that, both voice calls are not working in some countries like Oman. From above comparison, I think WhatsApp voice call is better than hike call. But both do not support normal phone calls (internet to phone), so we never call to someone who has not registered on hike or WhatsApp. Skype allows this facility but you need some Skype credits. Main advantage of Skype that I noticed is, we can edit or delete messages those we sent and read successfully.

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