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        This post contains step by step description about registering a new name in Kerala election Voter list
As a citizen of India, Voter ID card is a very important identity. Indians usually use Voter ID card for:
  • To Vote in election
  • To prove Indian citizenship
  • As an identity proof for getting SIM card, Bank Account, Licence etc
Normally, our identity card is low quality laminated black and white paper. But nowadays government allows us to update our identity card.

Change Details in Voter ID Card

Now government allows everyone update their identity card with updated details until 2015 April 15. You can change or update your Name, Name of father, Name of street, Address, House Number, Ward number etc. Also you may add every detail in our mother tongue Malayalam.

Make Your Identity Card as ATM Model

Our current identity card is a laminated black and white paper. If it fell in water, that may bad quickly, then you have to laminate again. Now if you update your card, you will get an ATM card styled Voter Id card..!! That is long lasting without any problem.

Change Identity Card Photo to Coloured One

Our current ID card photo is black and white, and that is captured by someone who might not have a photography skill. Now government allows you to update your photo with a color photo.

How to Update Identity Card Details

These are the steps to update every detail in your identity card. Before updating your details, you should keep following details:
  • Your existing Voter ID card
  • Adhaar Card Number
  • Your recent passport sized color photo with white or light colored background.
  • Mobile phone; to receive a OTP code to validate your mobile number.
Step 1:

Open this site: www.ceo.kerala.gov.in and open the link (see the picture).

Voter Id detail updation link in ceo site

Step 2:
After reading instructions, proceed to next step

Reading instructions and proceeding to next step
Step 3:
  • Here you need to fill some details. Type your voter id number in ‘Elector ID Card Number’ field. You may find your ID number on both side of your card.
Elector Id number in ID Card
  • Now fill your ‘Aadhaar Number'. Then fill your name as in Aadhaar card. 
  • And type your mobile number.(You will get SMS to this number)
  • Now type the number that you shown in the image.
Type of your current Card details
  • Now go to ‘Next’ step.
Step 4:
Shortly your mobile will receive an SMS with a unique OTP code. Type it on the box and go Next.

OTP code verification page
Step 5:
Now you will get current details of your Voter ID card. To make corrections, proceed with ‘Make corrections’ button.

Correct ID card details
Step 6:

  • In this new windows, select your current residence district. If you have correction in date of birth, correct them.
  • If you are a non resistant Indian or working out of Kerala(migrant), then select ‘yes’. If not, choose 'No'.
  • Proceed to next step.

District Date of birth details

Step 7:
To change details, select second option and proceed to next step.

Proceed to next step

Step 8:
In this step, you can update your photo. Use ‘Choose File’ button to upload new color photo. Your photo background must be white or light colored. Choose JPG file with size less than 180KB

Select and upload a new image

Step 9:
Now you will get your image had uploaded. You may crop it by dragging mouse. Proceed to next step.

Dragging and cropping image
Step 10:
Here you can edit all your data in both English and Malayalam such as Name, name of father, address, ward number, Place, Pin code, email, phone number, etc. After correcting and entering correct details, type the number on box that shown in the image.

Editing voter id details

  • Read and confirm the Affidavit.
  • Now press ‘Proceed’ button and complete the updating process.

Step 11:
Now you can see an updated model of your new ID card. If you don't want make further corrections, then 'Save Application'

New updated ID card

Next, you will get detail of your BLO who visit your location to confirm your entered details. You have to handover necessary document to prove your claims.

All process are completed

You may keep the details of your BLO for further contact with him by printing the form.

You have done all the steps.. Enjoy with new stylish voter ID card…

  1. i think i am a little late....im not able to find the step one after clicking the link...could u pls help out if possible

    1. I think the time had ended.. try this link to add adhaar details: http://www.ceo.kerala.gov.in/aadhaarSeeding.html

  2. I can't do this.I need to change my photo in my election identity card


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