Emirates Identity Authority: Vote to Urdu and Malayalam

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        If you vote on this, then Emirates Identity Authority site allows reading their with your mother tongue
              Emirates Identity Authority is an (EIDA) is an independent federal authority mainly focused in United Arab Emirates countries. Peoples especially migrants are using their official site (www.id.gov.ae/default.aspx) for entering their personal data and they provide ID cards for peoples in UAE countries.

Nowadays if we visit their official site, we can see a message pop up with a message like this:
The Emirates Identity Authority is exploring the possibility of adding a third language to its website, besides Arabic and English.
As the message indicates, currently they provide information in both Arabic and English languages and they are going to add a third language. But they gave the selection of third language to their visitors. There are 4 options to elect, Mandarin,Urdu, Malayalam and Tagalog 

So visitors have to vote. The most voted language will be the third language of their website. So peoples are trying to make more votes by sharing vote site URL on social media sites and applications like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Emirates Identity Authority: Vote for Malayalam, Urdu, Mandarin or Tagalog

If we check the vote status, 51% are Urdu and 48% are Malayalam. Urdu votes are mainly from Pakistan and some Indians. But Malayalam language is only from the Indian state Kerala (God’s Own Country). You know I am from this state. By the by I recommend to vote to Malayalam.

How to Vote to Urdu, Malayalam, Mandarin or Tagalog?

If we open Emirates Identity Authority official site(www.id.gov.ae/en/home.aspx), their every page (eg: www.id.gov.ae/en/emirates-id/about-emirates-id.aspx) shows the vote popup windows (left bottom). Just select your language to vote and press on ‘Submit’ button. Done.

emirates vote for malayalam and urdu

 If your vote is successful, then your device id (IP or MAC) will be recorded and site prevents further votes from you.

How to View the Result?

If we vote to any language, then we can see the current vote status. This link (poll archive) also provides the detailed result.

Current Vote Result:

This is the result based on the date 6-04-2015.
  • Mandarin got 1961 votes (0.83%)
  • Urdu got 120034 votes (51%)
  • Malayalam got 111747 votes (47.48%)
  • Tagalog got 1611 votes (0.68%)
Currently Urdu is leading…

Emirate vote result

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