Fake WhatsappCalling.co WhatsApp Video Call Option

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        Here is a study about a fake link of WhatsappCalling.co which provides free video calls on WhatsApp
                    Again everyone get fake WhatsApp links. Before some days, when WhatsApp implemented the call facility, there were many fake links to activate call service. But all were fake messages and many became fool with those links. Now after announcing video calls on WhatsApp, again many links are spread on WhatsApp.

Let us see some such links:

1. http://WhatsappCalling.co 

We can identify the fake and original links by looking the site link text. The official Whatsapp site link is just only www.whatsapp.com. So if they provide any such facility on Whatsapp, that should be on their official site and they never provide such information on any third party site.

As the link name indicates (WhatsappCalling.co), we can simply identify link as a spam without opening it.

What this spam link contains? 
  • This fake site collects your country and mobile number. They may sell your active mobile number to advertising agencies. Then you may face many spam sms or calls later. 
  • This site conducts a survey. Conducting a survey from visitor is not an easy thing. So using this fake link, site can conducts a free survey using their visitors 
  • Site contains many advertisements with many download links. When you download a software, they get money. 

2. http://WhatsappCalling.com 

This is also a fake WhatsApp link, which says you need to invite 10 WhatsApp users always. If you invite 1 people, then they say to invite another one. If you invite 1000 friends, then again say you had invited only one, and you have to invite another 9. A comedy message. So don't fell in their cheats..

3. j.gs/9576215/whatsapp-video-calling 

This link also contains some foolish instructions:
  • Share this link to two other groups. 
  • Then open this link. 
  • Skip the page 
  • Restart the phone. 
I feel shame about WhatsApp user who shares this link to two other groups. How sharing can get a video calling facility?

What behinds this link? 

This link contains adf.ly advertisement. If 10000 people open this link, then the link owner gets $5. Actually they make money by sharing this fake message and links. 
fake whatsapp message

If you skip the ads site, then you may see a funny image like kidding you. Why should we fool others? Just go ahead with truth...

So don’t fool with such fake links.

How to Identify Fake Links and Spam Messages? 

  • If the link is connected to official site, then that may be a genuine message or link may be a fake. 
  • If the message wants to share the message to more groups, then that message may be a spam. 
  • Some message says getting some benefits by sharing to others like getting money, getting mobile data usage, hearing good news etc. Such messages are fake. Don’t obey such instructions. 
  • If you accidently open such links, then never provide your personal information like phone number, name, email id, place, account number, passwords, bank details, etc. 
Be aware with fake eyes… Just go ahead with truth……… Have a nice day… :)

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