How to Solve Network Error 720

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        This post discuss some ways to rid Error 720 which shows while you connecting to internet
             Nowadays most of computers have internet facility. After opening a computer everyone try to connect to internet. But you may face some errors while connecting to internet. I already wrote about such an error; error 633. Like this, error 720 is also a connecting error.

Error 720

What is error 720?

This is an internet connecting error while connecting computer to modem or any remote device to get internet facility or if your cant register your computer on network. This error is commonly shows in net setter or data card internet connection.

Error Message:
Registering your computer on the network…
Error 720: A connection to the remote computer could not be established. You might need to change the network setting for this connection.

Registering your computer on the network

How to Solve Error 720?

Method 1: Just redial 2 times
Just wait some seconds and redial. Repeat this process again one time. Your computer may register on network after waiting some time.

Method 2: Remove and re-plug the modem
Disconnect the modem connection and reconnect (remove modem wire line from PC and re-plug it). This method is more working with net setter connection.

Method 3: Use third party connecting software
Instead of dialing or connecting though Widows network center, just use any third party connection manager like 'Mobile Partner'. Commonly every net setter contains any connecting software. This method works more with net setter connection.
Third party internet connecting software

 If your third party software cause this problem, then try with normal Windows connecting method.

Connecting to internet Windows setting

Method 4: Restart the computer
Computer network error or network card error may cause error 720 and a single restart can solve all such problems.

Method 5: Remove and add your modem
In control panel, there is a ‘Phone and Modem’ setting. Open this and go to modem tab. Here select and remove your current working modem and add it again using ‘Add’ button. I already explained this method in my ‘Error 633 solution article’ with screen shots.

Method 6: Reset the modem
This is an optional method and this method suitable only for broadband external modem connection. After resetting the modem you might configure your connection settings.

If you still getting this error after trying all above solutions, then kindly contact with your service provider. You may try with another modem or net setter or data card.

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