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        Here let us see how to get a chance to make international phone calls using HI android application
              After invention of call facility in popular messengers like WhatsApp and Hike, many could reduce their phone bill especially for emigrants. While I write articles about WhatsApp calling and hike call, many read those to get activate. But all we know, those do not allow to call someone who is not registered on WhatsApp or hike and he should be online while you calling. Migrants especially from Arab Countries pleased about this call facility, but actually they need a normal calling app that provides calls to normal phone numbers. 

There are some such apps available on Saudi Arabia, but we should buy some credits cards. Since some days, I was seeking a good app which provide free international calls, finally I found an App called ‘HI’.
What is Hi App: 

Just a messenger app like hike and WhatsApp but allows free international calls with their HI credits.

Special features: 
  • You can call out to any mobile or land line number for free! 
  • Also support normal online voice call available like WhatsApp and hike calls. 
  • Supports HD Video calls. 
  • Clear audio and video 
  • More secure; they use 256-bit AES encryption. 
  • Free video cloud storage 
How to download: 

For android: You can download from play store
In case of iPhone, you can find in iTunes

How to Use:

Install using your mobile number like installing WhatsApp or Hike. And verify your mobile number. There you can see the name list who had already registered with HI.

How to Call: 

I told you that you can call to any number for free. But you need some credits. Successful installation gives you 800 credits.

In Setting (top right), you can see a button named ‘Hi CallOut’ where you can type any phone number with international country code.

Free internatonal call app

Then call. You can also open contacts directly.

Android free international calling app

At starting, there are 800 credits. 1 second is approximately equal to 3 credits. So you may lose credits rapidly.

How to get more credits? 

No need to buy credits  by spending money. In HI, everyone has a unique Number. If you invite someone with this id, both get 1000 credits. In setting, ‘Pay Out’ is used to enter the invited HI number.

You may use my personal number to get 1000 credits: 6034439. Like this, if you add or invite your friends, both will get 1000 credits. Using 1000 credits you may call approximately 300 seconds.

Note: After first credit, you have to add people by following step, but you get only 100 credit after first credit.
Free international call using android Hi

  • Open 'Add Contacts'

Free international call using android Hi

Due to the lack of credits, I know this app is not an enough way to make free phone calls. I am still seeking for more ways to get free minutes... If you get any idea, then don’t forget to share with our readers...

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