How to Make Desktop Background Full screen

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        This is a simple trick but you may not aware, this describes how to make Desktop background full screen
What is your desktop background? Only a solid color? I think most of desktop backgrounds are users’ favorite pictures. Some like natural images, some like flowers, friendship, technological etc, but depends upon their interest.

I have a collection of variety of images with different categories. But like gloomy natural images more. So I use such photos as my computer or mobile desktop background.

How to set our Favorite Images as Desktop Background:

If we want to set an image as desktop background, and then just go to that image folder, then right click on it. From given context menu, select ‘Set as desktop background’.

Set as desktop background

If we set our favorite image as desktop background, then that may not be fullscreen on your desktop or image may repeat several times on desktop or image clarity may lose. There are some options to manage desktop image. Some use animated images or video as desktop background.
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Desktop Background Options

  • Right click on desktop
  • From given context menu, select ‘Personalize’
  • From given window, select ‘Desktop Background’. This contains some options related to desktop background.

There are buttons to browse images, selecting images etc. But let us discuss the image position option, which contains Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, and Center.

Make desktop background fullscreen
This option fills the image on your desktop including backside of taskbar. This option enables filling desktop background with selected image.

If we select this option, then image should be fit its resolution on desktop and should not adjust with the resolution of desktop. Here image resolution has highest priority than desktop resolution. Here image should be shown on the desktop with its real resolution ratio.

This is the just opposite of ‘Fit’. Here desktop resolution has highest priority. And images should adjust with desktop resolution. This option is widely used to make desktop background fullscreen. This setting may lose the image clarity and changing image resolution may change the shape of the image.

Here image shown on desktop with its real size and resolution. So you may can’t see some parts of the image. If the original size of the image cannot fill the desktop, then image again repeats like a tile.

Here the original image will be displayed with real resolution and the position of image centered.
In ‘Centre’ and ‘Fit’ the image may not fill on desktop, so you can set color for remaining area.

Change background color

Which the best position for you?

Stretch and Fill are the widely used positions among computer users which fill the desktop background. You may select any position according to your computer and image resolution. First set your favorite image as desktop background and go to this setting and try with all position option.

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