Prevent Adding Me to a WhatsApp Group

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This post describes a variety and interesting method to prevent adding you to a WhatsApp group. So group admin can't add you anymore

Can I ask you a question?
Is there any way to stop people adding you to a WhatsApp group?  

Answer: Yes.. Let us see...

WhatsApp group is an easy way to chat with a set of people. Due to the fast and simplicity of WhatsApp group chat, people create WhatsApp group for their class rooms, place, street, hobbies, events, behaviors etc. It is very easy to create a group in your phone or computer within 10 seconds. In WhatsApp group, its admin has the power of adding people to the group or removing from the group. Due to this reason, most of WhatsApp users are members of minimum 20 groups. 
If an admin added you to his group that you don’t interested, then what will you do? Just Exit the group. But, if admin re-added you, what can u do again? There should be limit to Exit a group.
One of my friend created a WhatsApp group with our former classmates. But I noticed many of members are misusing the group by posting bad images, texts and videos. I just exited the group. But Admin re-added me. I again exited and admin re-added me again. This continued many times and finally I found the ultimate solution to stop re-adding me to the group.

How to Block a WhatsApp group? 

Yeah… You can block a WhatsApp group. If we block a contact in WhatsApp, then what will occur? He/she can’t message or call you anymore. Like this, you can stop contacts with a WhatsApp group. First of all, just exit from the group. Now we have to do something to prevent adding you again.

How to Prevent Adding You to a WhatsApp Group? 

Prevent re-adding to a whatsapp group
In my previous post, I wrote about blocking people on WhatsApp. Where I wrote the tips to understand whether someone blocked your or not. That tips is also a method to stop adding you to a group.

If someone blocked you, then you never create a group with him. This is the trick. So if you block the group admin personally, then he can’t add you to his group.

If he try to add you to the group, he will get a message like this:

"Not authorised to add this contact."

Now admin can’t add you to his group. This method works on new updated WhatsApp.


  • Blocking the group admin prevents adding you to the group, but now WhatsApp supports multiple admin to a group. So he can make anyone as group admin and new admin can add you to the group. So you need to block all admins.
  • If you block the group admin, you can’t contact with him anymore. He may be your friend or classmate or any related person. So a personal blocking break the contact and relationship between you and admin. If the group has more admin, then you need to block all admin. Then you can’t possible further chat with all blocked person.

  1. it is working.n very helpful thank you ....

  2. when all the members of group are admin than how we do this?

    1. There is no other way.. You should block every admin

    2. I saved all the admins under one contact name and then blocked that contact

  3. You can mute groups now. Or in Privacy settings remove the option 'read teceipts' - but in that case nobody would be able to add you to group chat I believe.

  4. where is 'block' option....

  5. Give me a method that no one can add me in any WhatsApp group


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