Protect Google Account with SMS Verification

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        This article shows how to activate two step sms verification for Google login, that double your security
                 How much Google account is secure? What about yahoo, Facebook and Twitter? Which is more secure? All accounts have their on security methods to protect the privacy of their users. Lack of privacy will cause to lose the goodwill of a company
Enale two step verification in google gmail

           One day, one of my friends hacked my Facebook account. I tried to hack his account also. But his verification email was yahoo and yahoo has to overcome two security questions to reset password. I could answer one of them. Finally I stopped my attempt. But in case of Google account, it has only one question to reset password. You know, the security question is not only the way to reset password. Secondary email and mobile number verification are other popular methods. Mobile number verification is the best and good method of them. But if your phone phone is in hand of your friend, then he may reset your password as a fun.

           Normally Google needs your user name and password for logging in all their services. But most of users do not aware about saving password on their browser cookies. If you save your password on browser (it may be automatically happen) then anyone can see your password on your PC without any encryption. It may be safe at your home or at your personal computer. But if you are in a public internet cafe, that not be secure if you not clear your browsing data at ending of surfing.

          You know the hackers can steal your saved password, cookies using JavaScript via a single link tthat attached in email. So you should aware about opening unknown links on emails. Also some viruses can collect and send your private details like username and passwords. Here is the importance of second or two (2) step verification while logging accounts.

What is two step verification: 

Two step verification is the verification of your authority while login to an account. When you try to login to your account, even your password is correct, account will conduct another method for verifying authority. That may be by SMS verification, by answering security questions etc. Most of popular accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc have already implemented this two step verification to protect privacy of their users.

Let us see how to enable two step verification in Google: 

Google uses sms verification for their two step verification. If you try to sign in at Google with your username and password, then immediately Google sends an SMS to your registered mobile number with a security number. Then you need to type that number on Google page to complete your log in.

To activate two step verification, first sign in to Google. Then open account setting. In security section you can see the two step verification link. Open it. Or directly go to two step verification page. Then start the 'set up'.
Gmail two step verification
One more typing password will point you to two step verification settings.

There, type your mobile number and select which type of verification needed such that SMS or voice call. 

Enale two step verification gmail

Now you need to verify your mobile number by sending and typing a code. So ‘Send code’ button will send code to your mobile number. Verify the number by typing the same number from sms to the text box. 

Sms verification of google two step security

You may sign in without sms verification on your trusted computer. So you may select your current using computer as ‘Trusted Computer’. (If it is only for your personal use)

Google Trusted computer

Now ‘Confirm’ to complete enabling two step verification.

If you don’t want this 2 step verification later, then you can disable this via same setting.

Some demerits:
  • Unable to sign in from another place; where you forgot to take your phone. 
  • Unable to receive sms if you in non network coverage area. Also network error may prevent getting verification sms. Or your phone has no battery charge to ON the mobile.
  • Sms may not get faster 
  • Voice call may not be clear
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