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        The Panchayath election in Kerala just gone and another election Nizhama Sabha is ahead. Political parties are trying to help peoples by different activities. Creating new voter ID card and update current voters list details, etc are some of them. I remember, when I completed my 18th age, many political parties visited me to add my name on voters enrollment. 

           But now government allows everyone to add their name to voters list online also any voters can update their voter ID card details with colorful photo. I already wrote an article about updating voter ID card with new color photo. But now government closed this facility. But Kerala election commission started an option that allows adding new name to voters list also can make some corrections on voters list details. Let us see in details.

Adding new names to voters list online: 

It is very easy to add new name to voters list, no more computer or internet knowledge required.

  • You are not in voters list already (Normally). 
  • Your date of birth should be before 1998 Jan 1

(You may download full Malayalam instructions from here)
You need to cover 3 simple steps.

In First step
  • Here you need to mode of register in which you would like to register into voters list. Choose ‘Self’ for registering yourself from your computer. Proceed to next step.
Add name into voters list kerala

In Step 2
  • From the form, select your district and you need to enter a voter ID number of you relative who is in election voters list already. From this page, you can search the serial number of your nearby voter or family members.
    Note     - Voter ID number seems like XZU0545544 and should be shown on every voter ID card.
    - ID number from another disctrict may not be detected, so try to give ID number from same district
Filling voter id form kerala select district
  • Select the relation to the given ID owner like Father, Mother, etc and Proceed to Next Step 2
Step 3

Here you have to fill out your details.
   Note:     - Be careful while typing your details. You know it is not easy to correct details on ID card often.
     - Also you not need to fill out all details, but area with the red asterisk sign is mandatory (*).
     - Now they ask every detail with keyword ‘New’ like New House number, New Ward Number etc. So you have to confirm that such details are correct. You Panchayath/Municipality may change such details often.

You can type your details in Malayalam language also. To type in Malayalam language, you need to know Malayalam typing; else clicking on keyboard icon will show you a Malayalam keyboard to select Malayalam characters.
  • House number is a number that posted in your home by Panchayath (like 421 printed in a yellow card). 
  • Uploading photo is optional, but you can upload passport size color photo, or you need to convey a photo to your BLO while verifying your details.
  • In the section, ‘How do you want to receive new Electoral ID Card’, selecting ‘though BLO’ will give your ID card directly; else you need to go your taluk to get it.
  • You need to agree and confirm the affidavit before proceeding to next process. 
Confirm affidavit in voters list
 Now you will get a hearing notice.
  • Now you have completed the process of adding your name to voters list. 
  • You have to present at the hearing as per the notice.
Note: Do you know who are from your neighbors currently at voters list ? Here is the trick to get the voters list in your place or polling station.

Note 2:

  1. How to Add Name in Voters List Online in Kerala. I am unable to add my name. Since the mentioned site is down from 2 days.
    kindly help what I am suppose to do?

    Vinesh Menon

  2. Vinesh, thanks for your reply.. This link worked well for last months. Now I think they stopped adding new names into voters list. Kindly check their home page:


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