Voters List in Kerala for Panchayath Election

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        Here you can find and get the voters link for Kerala for Panchayath Election
          Panchayath election is ahead in Kerala. I already wrote an article about including new names in voters list. Home based propagation is the one of the main vote propagation. For this propagation, party leaders use voters list.

How to get Voters in list your ward? 

Election commission website allows everyone to get list of all voters in Kerala.
  • For this, visit Chief Electoral Officer site. There is a link which shows list of voters. (Direct link)
  • Select your district 
  • Select your Legislative Assembly Constituency. That may be your Taluk. Here I selected Malappuram as District and Kondotty as Legislative Assembly Constituency. Now the button Get Booth List will show you the booths under these area.

 Here download button enables you to download the list of voters including house name, father's name, age etc. If you can't download, then press 'Ctrl'+ 'S' to save as PDF or press 'Ctrl'+'P' to print directly by printer

 State Election commission site also enables to download votes list
  • Select you district, local body (may be your Panchayath), ward and polling station (In a ward, there may be many polling stations) 
  • Fill captcha and click ‘Get Details’ button. 
Get voters list in kerala
  • Now you will get a list of all voters in that ward those have to poll in selected polling station. Voter’s list contains all details of voters such as Name, Father’s name, ward number, House number, house name, Gender, age and ID card number (This is the ID number that needed for searching a voter in first link). 
Voters list in a ward in panchayath
  • This list shows voters in given polling station. To get voters list in another polling station, do all above steps with selecting another polling station. 
How to print the voters’ list: 

Election commission site does not provide an option to print. So you need to print the page using default webpage printing method.

For this just press control key and ‘P’ from keyboard (Ctrl + P). Where, you can select printer, page type and number of copies.

Have you any doubt about getting voters list? Feel free to ask me any time.

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