Can You Chat with a Contact Who Blocked You on WhatsApp?

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        This is a study which finds the possibility to chat with a person who blocked on WhatsApp
             People accept the WhatsApp chat as an easy way to contact with someone with less cost. Due to harassing others or due to any other reasons, you might be blocked by others. If you are confirmed that you were blocked by someone, you cannot chat with him on WhatsApp directly. 

WhatsApp blocked solution

How to be unblocked from a WhatsApp contact: 

If you deactivate your account by going WhatsApp setting, then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, then you might be unblocked from others, but this trick may not work on newer version of WhatsApp. If you can’t be unblocked, you have to find others ways to chat with him.


Old version of WhatsApp allows creating new group with blocked contact, but newer version does not support, but your friend can create a new group with you and blocked contact, then you might able to chat with blocked contact and your friend may left the group.

New account: 

If someone blocked you, then WhatsApp registered phone number will be on block list. In older version of WhatsApp, when you deactivate WhatsApp, then your number will be removed from the block list. But new version may not remove number even you deactivate account. So you need to open a new WhatsApp account with a new number. So you can chat with blocked contact with your new account.

Some other local methods: 

Call to the friend of victim, who is also a friend of you and say to unblock you by taking his WhatsApp. Another method is to chat with him from your friend’s WhatsApp.

All above methods show there is no direct ways to remote unblocking or to chat with a person who blocked you. Before buying WhatsApp by Facebook, there had many loopholes, but now WhatsApp is more perfect and secure.

Other than WhatsApp:

Search him on Facebook, Gmail, Hike, Kik, imo etc. He may be available on there. There you can chat.

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