How to Add Image and Link as Gmail Signature

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        We can also include Image Logo and URL link in your Gmail Signature
What is a signature? Normally signature means a sign-manual or penmanship and it does using a pen by our hand. But in case of electronic letter, manual pen signature is not possible, so we use electronic signature for electronic letter (e-mail). 

Normally signature will be at the end of the letter, like this most of email providers allow signature at the end of mail text. Here let us see how to add a signature in Gmail with your logo or image and link. All these steps are working on any devices like Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows etc.
To add images or links on signature, your Gmail should be in standard desktop view. Normally almost mobile browser views are in mobile view, but you can change it in to desktop view.
Enabling desktop mode in mobile
And you should open Gmail in your phone browser, application for email or Gmail App is not supported to edit signature. After converting to desktop view, you must ensure the Gmail view is in ‘Standard’. There are two type of Gmail view; ‘Standard’ view for fast internet and ‘Basic HTML’ view for slower bandwidth internet. Basic HTML view allows adding text based signature, but you should convert in to standard view to add images or links on your signature.
icon image signature in gmail - views of email
Now open Gmail in Standard view

Open Settings 
icon image signature in gmail - Settings
In general tab, scroll down and reach to ‘Signature’ option:
Adding signature in gmail
In the white space, you can type the text based signature texts. 

Adding text signature in gmail

To add link to your site or link of social network pages, select a text that you want make link and click the ‘link button’ from top editing menu. 
Link signature in Gmail
From given small window, type the link address. Then press OK button. 
adding link in Gmail signature

To add Images or Logo or Icon: 

Click the ‘Insert Image’ button.
Adding images logos to Gmail signature
There are 3 type of image selection, first is selecting image from your Google Drive, second is uploading image from your computer and third one is uploading image using a web link. You can choose any option according to the location of your signature logo.

To upload from computer, go to second tab, there you can see an upload button to select image from your computer. 

Upload logo images to gmail signature

After selecting an image, your image will automatically open in signature space. Where, you can customize the size of image such as small, medium, large and original size. 
Changing the size of signature image in gmail
To add animated images, then choose animated gif image from your computer.
If you want to bring a link behind the image, then first select then image and open the link option and add the web address.

After adding proper signature, ‘Save Changes’ complete the process.

  • Image upload window does not open: 
This may be temporary problem or the problem of your browser. Try to do with another latest version of browser.
  • Link window does not open in case of link behind image: 
If the link editing window does not open, then choose ‘change’ link to appear the link window.

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