Activate and Deactivate Internet using SMS

Tip Abstraction:
        This tip shows how to activate/start or deactivate/stop internet service by SMS to service provider
        Finally TRAI decided to provide a service that allows mobile customer to stop or start internet facility by single SMS or phone call. 
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          If you buy a new smart phone or any internet enabled phone, then mobile network can automatically detect your internet supported phone and then they will activate internet facility to you and will send you the complete internet settings to your phone. I remember that at the first time of the internet facility over mobile network, it was very difficult to start internet service including calling customer care, sending sms, saving setting, selecting and activation of setting etc. But the world changed, now it is very difficult to stop internet facility. In smart phones, we can simply activate or enable internet by single tap ,that is now, no need to call customer care, no need to save setting, no need to activate etc. So if any child enable your phone  internet or enabled accidentally then you may lose much cash within minutes. In some old NOKIA models, there is no single tap setting to enable/disable internet, so users can’t stop internet facility for a little time.

Like this, if we don’t want internet facility, then it is very complex to deactivate by calling customer care. So many phone customers complained this problem to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) many times and now finally TRAI started a service to stop or start internet facility instantly by simple call or sms.

It is very simple to activate or deactivate internet service. There are two methods:

  • Send SMS STOP TO 1925 to deactivate internet service or sms START to 1925 for activating internet. 
  • Call to 1925, select your language, press a number for activate/deactivate internet. Commonly 1 is for activation and 0 is for deactivation. 
Like the complaint number 198, 1925 is a common number for all network in India but the service is managed by your own network. That is if you are a AirTel customer then your call to 1925 will be on AirTel internet activation/deactivation desk. Note that the call or sms to the number 1925 is absolutely toll free.

This is a great service by TRAI for all internet users especially for old mobile phone users.

Time gaps:

12.52 AM: sent sms STOP

12:52 AM: SMS FROM 12345:
Dear Customer for Deactivation of base Data service is registered and will be processed shortly.
Dear Customer, your request for Data Service Deactivation is registered and should be auctioned within 08/10/15 10:00:00 AM through request number 1-545854454. Please note any GPRS depended services (eg: VAS) will not be deactivated and needs to be deactivated separately. Also any active Data plan/ pack will continue to remain Active
Dear Customer, Your request for Data Service Deactivation has been processed successfully. SR 1-545854454. Thank You.
In above case, it took 5 minutes to deactivate my internet service. They said this may be up to 2 months. Note that, you need to deactivate GPRS depended services separately and your active Data plan will be continue until it end.

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