How to Prevent Chat Message from a WhatsApp Contact

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        While using WhatsApp messenger, many contact may disturb you, but you can block them by following these steps

            WhatsApp is being popular day by day. Due to its simplicity and mobile number based chatting leads WhatsApp in front of other mobile messengers. But in western countries, kik messenger is the one of the popular messenger. Infolet already wrote about a little differentiation between kik and WhatsApp. There we saw the members can block harassing peoples from further contacting. If someone blocked you, then you can’t chat with him, like this if you blocked someone then he can’t chat with you.

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You know, all above matters are related to blocking contacts on WhatsApp or kik. If you still not know how to block or unblock a person, then this article will help you to learn how to block or unblock a contact on WhatsApp messenger.

Let us see the steps:

How to Block a WhatsApp Contact?

Method 1:
  • Open the contact that you need to block
  • Take options. At bottom, you can see 'more'
Block a whatsapp contact
  • In more option, tap on the 'block'. 
Blocking whatsapp contacts
  • This will block the person
Method 2:
  • Open WhatsApp settings
Whatspp settings
  • Go to Account setting

  • There you can see privacy setting. Open it.
Whatsapp privacy setting
  • Under 'MESSAGING' section, there is an option to block and unblock people those harassing you. Open this option.

Blocking a people on whatsapp
    • There you can see the list of block members. If you want to block more peoples, then tap on right top button. Then you can see all your WhatsApp contacts. Select your victim then he can’t chat you anymore.

Add a new contact to bocking a person on whatsapp

If you want to block someone who is not in your contact, then save the number with any name and select him  using above methods.

How to Unblock a WhatsApp Contact?

  • If you want to unblock a blocked person, then take the list of the blocked contacts and tap the contact you want to unblock, there you can see the unlock button.
  • If you block a person, then his/her name will be with dark color in contact list. You can also unblock people from contact list by long tap.

Commonly people block others if they harassing, but blocking a person without any reason may harass them. So be careful while blocking others. Keep good relationship with all.
Blocking a contact has an another great purpose. Read it here

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