Problems of BSNL Faced by Customers

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        BSNL is a telephone network runs by Indian government, but this post face some problem facing by BSNL customers.
            In India BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) provide many services to people like BSNL mobile, BSNL landline, BSNL Broadband, etc. BSNL is a government controlled company but most of Indians are not satisfied with their services. 
            In every section, BSNL gets bad impression, but BSNL officials do not try to achieve good impression and there is an allegation that BSNL workers support private agencies and they leak important decision to private companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Reliance, Tata Docomo, etc. 

BSNL services get bad impression

Like a gratitude to government salary, some of government workers use BSNL services, remaining majority of peoples are not satisfied with their services.

Let us discuss some important reasons to these bad impressions:

BSNL Mobile:

Difficult to get a new SIM or complexity in porting network to BSNL

If we want a new connection of any private network, then what will we do? We just submit Photostat of any  identity proof with a photo to any mobile shop. Done. No more steps needed. You may get free SIM card with 100 talk time.

What you have to do with a new BSNL connection?
  • You should submit your proof and photo with authorized BSNL office or telephone exchange. Normal mobile shops do not accept proof for BSNL connection. It is a big problem, because BSNL office is not frequently available. 
  • Owner of proof should be presented at BSNL office. Officers have to verify your proof’s photo with your original face even you submit your 10th standard certificate at your 70th age… lol 
  • You should submit hard copy of your proof. They have to verify your Photostat with original certificate or identify card. If you verify that time, then why they need our Photostat copy after filling the form.? Even after all these, why they confirm ownership while activating SIM.? 
All above problems are same while porting (change a network to another network) to BSNL.

Network services:

Not an easy to activate offers by deducting our mobile balance like Vodafone does. Services on *124# is too limited, not contain all offers, not even any sms offer.

Validity Recharge:

Mobile customer had to recharge their number for extending SIM validity. But later all private mobile companies stopped this recharge and they provide life time validity to all their customers. But BSNL still want recharge to extent SIM validity like recharging of RS.49 to extend SIM validity for 3 months. Later BSNL understood this problem, and they provide automatic extending of validity with talk time recharge. But if you use any talk time offer like RS 149 for 348 minutes, that will not extend your validity, one of my BSNL number expire its validity 2 times because I used some talk time offer.

2G speed:

BSNL 3G is faster, but only available at large towns. So people compelled to use 2G. I think their 2G is the slowest connection among the world. Only 5KBps.

Customer Care Service:

What is the BSNL mobile customer care number? It is not remembering number. It was a 10 digits number. Now updated into 1503, and the compliant number 198 allows only Landline and broadband problems and the services is fully automated. No option to talking with customer care. They may consult you later.

Landline Connection:

In India, Landline connection was the most popular phone service and it was available on almost homes even rural areas. But now about 50% of peoples closed their landline connections forever. Why? Popularity and cheap rate of mobile phone is the main reason. We can use private mobile provider without any recharge even at zero or at minus balance for incoming calls. But landline connection should pay a fixed amount of money without any outgoing calls. And the rate of outgoing calls may be greater than rate for calls in private mobile networks.

Broadband connection:

Even BSNL broadband connection is the fastest internet service in the country, most of people do not use this service. They use 2G or 3G network plans. Main reasons are:
  • We should pay minimum RS.650 for getting unlimited plan. 
  • It is very difficult to get a new broadband connection if we have no landline connection. 
  • Most people use internet on mobile phones, so wifi modem needed to make available internet on phones and phone should has wifi service. 
  • Also wifi network is available only at home (at wife region), so we should recharge mobile internet offer while travelling. 

Why thousands of people still use BSNL services?

  • Network coverage: In India, some rural areas still not have mobile coverage signal. So they keep their old landline connection. 
  • In large industry or company or home with more internet users, broadband connection is more profitable. 
  • In BSNL mobile, rate of recharge for getting 2G and 3G is same, customers can spend their data pack amount in both 2G and 3G speed. Example: RS 149 is enough for both 1GB of 2G and 3G. 
  • Mobile network coverage is available in most of rural areas than other private networks. 
All above points are my observations. Pleases share your observations below on comment box.

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  1. BSNL network is good sometime but really bad most of the, rarely ger chance to use 3g while recharging 3g data with large amount, really pathetic


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