How to Cancel Facebook Sent Friend Requests

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        Not Acceptable Facebook Friend Request still lives as friend request, here let us see how to cancel such requests.
Nowadays Facebook is the most popular social media network. 'Easy to use' or Simplicity, easy to chat are the reasons behind this popularity. Facebook helps to find and follow peoples easily. In twitter, it is very difficult to get followers, but can follow others easily. 

In Facebook, if we sent a friend request to someone, and if he accept our request, then both become friends, that means both are following each other, so we can see his posts on our timeline also vise verse.
If you are new at Facebook, then Facebook will suggest and show you a list of people with heading ‘People You May Know’ to make make them friends by sending friend requests. They may be known to you or you can make unknown peoples as new friends by sending friend requests. If you sent a friend request, then they will receive a notification of your fiend request with options as ‘Confirm’ or ‘Delete Request’. If they ‘Confirm’ your request then they will be your friends or ‘Delete your request’ will not make them your friend.

Friend request in Facebook Confirm or Delete Request

If you send friend requests to peoples, then all requests should not be accepted means many of them are not confirmed or deleted. These are the pending Facebook sent  friend requests. 

Do you want to get a list of people that you sent friend requests and not accepted? So can know the people who not accepted your request, and you can cancel those requests.

Let us see the steps:

Log in to your Facebook and go to your timeline. Where, you can see an option to get the list of your friends.
Getting Friends on Facebook

Now you can see all your friends, there is an option to find new friends named ‘Find Friends’. Open it.

Find New Frieds on Facebook

You can also access find friends page from top navigation bar.

Finding new friends on facebook

You can try this link to access this find (browse) friend page.

Now you will get the list of all your friends on Facebook. At the top left, there is an option labeled 'View Sent Requests' which shows you list of people that you sent request but not accepted. Open it.
(This link may help you to open this page directly without going above steps.)
View sent requests on Facebook

Now you will get a list of people that you sent friend requests but not accepted.
If you put your mouse point on ‘Friend request Sent’ button,  then you will a small menu, there you can see an option labeled ‘Cancel Request’, which will cancel your friend request. 

Cancel Facebook Friend request in facebook

In Facebook, it does not allow to mask friend request to unknown friends. Sometime Facebook may ask you the confirmation that you know the requesting person. If you confirm and he/she rejected your request, then Facebook may block you from sending more requests for 14 days or 28 days. Sometime, if they understand your mask friend requests, they will ask you to cancel all sent requests. So be careful while sending mask friend request to unknown peoples.

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