How to Find Blocked Contacts in WhatsApp

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        WhatsApp blocking prevent chat to a person, here are someways trying to find blocked WhatsApp contacts Nowadays WhatsApp becomes most popular messenger among internet users especially in Asian countries like India. In India most people use WhatsApp even they are not aware about other internet services.

If you get a missed call or unknown, then you can find that people by looking on WhatsApp instead of looking at Truecaller because, millions of peoples already registered on WhatsApp.

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Many other messengers are trying to be popular with implementing good features; SOMA is one of them, which support HD video calls. But people still use WhatsApp because all are at WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp, there is a facility which can block people who harassing you on WhatsApp. Infolet already wrote an article to check whether someone blocked you or not at WhatsApp by simple methods. But here I am going to explain a simple way to find all contacts those blocked you on WhatsApp.
In this tip, you can find peoples those you saved at phone contact book.

First of all, open WhatsApp, and then open all contact lists by taping on the contact tab or the icon shown in the image.

Taking contacts on whatsapp

There you can see all the contacts on your mobile phone who registered on WhatsApp. If you take this list by taping on the icon that I mentioned above, then you can see the number of people in your contact who with WhatsApp.

Total number of whatsapp contacts on whatsapp

Now we have to find the contacts that blocked you. There are two steps, preliminary and confirmation. Normally if someone blocked you, then you can’t see his/her DP (Display Picture) and status. From contact list, you can find such people simply. If you find someone without profile picture and status, that does not mean who blocked you, because WhatsApp allows hiding our profile picture, status from others or only to phone contacts, but there is a chance of block.

Blocked contact on whatsapp

So you need to do confirmation step to verify the blocking.

I already explained a perfect method to check whether someone blocked you or not at WhatsApp. Read it here.

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