Solving Issues with Uploading Facebook Photos and Videos

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        Some technical problems do not allow uploading images or videos into Facebook. These are some special tips to overcome those issues
Facebook is the one of the popular social media network for sharing news, photos, videos among our friends and groups. One day I decided to upload some images into Facebook. I opened file selector and I selected some pictures, but those images cannot be uploaded? What Happened? There should be an error occurred. After that, I again faced same problem at many times, but I tried and succeed a variety of solution.
        Actually this problem is not rare; you may face this error when you try to upload images from some browser such as opera, UC browser, chrome, etc or from some devices like iPhone, blackberry, old android phones, etc. Many were already wrote many solutions to fix this problem including Facebook troubleshooter.

These are some methods to overcome this problem by Official Facebook:
  • Use new version of adobe flash
  • Ensure the photo format (extension) is one of the image formats such as JPED, JPG, GIF, PNG or TIFF.
  • File size should be less than 15 MB
  • Use latest version of browser
Some Tips Recommended by Infolet
  • Check your file name. If your file name contains lot of numbers and letters with underscore, then your file may not be uploaded.

    For example: If the file name is like ‘11960053_522412271247397_673318884209277487_n’, then rename the file into simple name like ‘image1’. Then try to upload.
  • If all above methods are not working, then this method may work (99%) even on old version of browser with any operating system. This is not a big trick and mostly applicable on desktop devices.         This method is just uploading files from Facebook mobile site. For this, if you are going to upload an image into your timeline, then remove ‘www’ from your Facebook address on browser address bar and add ‘m’ instead of ‘www’ and Go or load the page.
       Example: If you want to upload image into '' page, then  change this address into '' then open or load the link (press Enter key). Now you will get corresponding mobile view of the Facebook. Then try to upload the image.
Cannot upload images on facebook
  • If you face this problem on mobile devices, then try on Facebook mobile applications available for almost operating systems like Android, iPhone etc. Like this, if you face this problem on Facebook apps then try from your browser.
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Do you still facing any problem, or do you know any other method to solve this issue? Then please share with us…

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