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Tip Abstraction:
        Normally WhatsApp shows all group and private messages on phone status bar. This article shows how to stop showing WhatsApp messages from status bar
      In my previous article I wrote a tip to customize WhatsApp notification tones, such that we can mute or set different tones for separate chats. Even you mute all WhatsApp notification tones; WhatsApp shows all your messages on phone status bar. Your WhatsApp may be password protected, but WhatsApp still shows your private messages on status bar while retrieval time. That may affect your privacy. But you know there are some options to avoid these notifications from your status bar.
Mainly there are two methods:

Method 1:
Disable all WhatsApp Application Notifications

        Normally this trick works on android phones. Actually I don’t know that, this method is applicable on other operating systems like iphone, Windows, Symbian, Java, blackberry, etc. in Android phones, their setting contains a special option that can disable notifications on status bar of any application
    . To disable whatsapp notifications using this option, then open phone settings, come to 'Application Manager', choose WhatsApp. There you can see an option to enable or disable notification using a check box. If the check box if checked (ticked) then WhatsApp notification is ON, else OFF.

Disable application notification from settings

You may get a warning message while disabling notifications, just confirm it by taping OK button. This trick is application to any social media messenger notifications like Facebook, kik, etc.

Method 2:
Using WhatsApp Special Notification button

       This method is not available on older WhatsApp versions. Using this option you can disable or hide notifications of any group or private chat. You can assign tones for notifications. You can enable notification for some groups or chat also can disable showing notification for some special groups or chats only. Shortly, WhatsApp new version supports fully customization of WhatsApp notification and their arrival tones.
Currently all notifications are ON, and if you want to disable notifications from a group, then open the group. Tap of its header name, now you will get details and setting of the group. There, you can see a button named ‘Mute’. Tap on it, which gives you a short list contains a check box like we shown in first method. If you disable the checkbox, then you will not receive notifications from this group.

Whatsapp group settings for disable notification

Like this, you can disable or enable any group or private chat notifications on the status bar.

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I hope this tricks works well and helps you... Have you any doubts regarding this trick? 

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