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        This article shows how to know Kerala Panchayath election result online or live
    In Kerala, Panchayath election successfully completed on this month (November) 2 and 5. Some ward conducted re-polling due to error in polling machine. Now peoples are waiting the result. This result may indicate the result of assembly election after 6 months.In this Panchayath election, government arranged many types of counting and publishing vote results.

Niyamasabha (Legislative Assembly) Election Result Online

       Election commission board will count vote of municipalities at first, and the first result will come at 8.30 am. They count letter votes at first, then machine vote. They can count vote from 8 machines at a time.Government also arranged web service to know election result online.http://trend.kerala.gov.in/views/index.php is the site which show live result of political parties, 

Election result kerala live

municipalities, wards, division, blocks, etc. Site has auto refreshing facility to update votes

If you tap on the item, you will get more details. If you choose n a party name, then you will get more details, about seats or leading seats
  • If you want ward winners in district wise, then tap on the ‘Total’, then select your ‘District’, 
Selecting district for panchayath election result

  • Select a panchayath (Municipality/corporation) that you want to elect a ward
Selecting panchayath or muncipalities for live online result

  • Now you will get list of all the ward in select panchayath  
Kerala panchayath vote result online
  • Finally you will show the list of wads in your panchayath.. There you can see the live vote result
final panchayath vote result
Note: If you cant see any Panchayath or ward, that means the counting is not started in that section
  • If you have any problem in finding result or if you have any doubts, then contact me.
  • If your ward is leading, then type the name of your ward on below comment box...

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