Save WhatsApp Messages without Exporting

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        This tip describe how to save your important WhatsApp messages for further purpose. So you can reuse those messages again when you want
         In Asian countries especially in India, WhatsApp is the one of the most popular messenger than other messengers like Skype, Facebook, kik etc. So people send most of information though WhatsApp, which supports voice messages, video, voice call, images etc. And WhatsApp allows everyone creating groups with number of members up to 100. So there are many groups contain many important and less important messages. But if we get some important messages or message that may we reuse later, but how can we save it for further usage? If we don’t save such messages, then it is not easy to find it again from thousands of messages from hundreds of groups.
Here let us see how to save such important messages.
Mainly there are two methods: inside the WhatsApp and outside the WhatsApp

Inside the WhatsApp:

Do you have any idea about saving important messages on your WhatsApp? It is easy. Just create a special group for saving such messages only. So you can simply import and export messages to/from the group.
Creating special groups can be by two ideas. If we are trying to create new group, then we should add at least one member. So just create a new group and select any one of you friend, after creating the group, just remove him. So you are alone on this group and you can forward or copy-paste such important messages on this group. So we can forward such messages from the group when you need to reuse it.

creating a new group in whatsapp

If you have any trouble adding your friend for first time, then find someone who blocked you, then try to add that blocked one to your group, then you can’t add him on your group, now group will be created with only one member that is you.

Accidentally or due to any technical reasons, all your WhatsApp data may be lose/removed including your important messages. To avoid this problem, you can save such messages as external or outside the WhatsApp.

Outside the WhatsApp:

Here we save our important messages outside the WhatsApp, means saving such messages on any secondary applications. Most of phones contain inbuilt ‘Memo’ or ‘Notes’ applications to store information. Theses default applications support saving images but not videos. But the main problem of these applications is the character limitation, which means you can’t save long text messages on it. So you have to use any third party application to store long text messages. But that may not allow you to save images.
ColorNote is the one of the third party android application which supports saving long text messages.

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