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       Contains some issues with State Bank Banks with their Internet banking and some tips to make payments during these issue time.
State bank is facing a big problem of banking services especially in their online internet banking services. This problem exists in all state bankers like State bank of India (SBI), State bank of Travancore (SBT), etc. I have faced issue on these two state banks. May be has issue with State bank of Bikaner (SBB), State bank of Jaipur (SBJ), State Bank of Mysore (SBM), State Bank of Patiala (SBP), etc.
Since two weeks, these are some issues faced by state banks customers:
  • Bank website is not loading well
  • Personal banking page is not loading
  • Internet banking page is not loading
  • Always getting the site maintenance page
  • Cannot login even entering correct username and password, says invalid password or username
  • Error while transferring money by internet banking
  • Getting temporary issue messages always
  • Not getting sms services of transactions
  • Infinite loading of pages, etc
     When I was faced this issue at first, I was paying an urgent college payment, and college supports only SBT payment. Then I contacted SBT customer care. They said a temporary issue and suggested me to wait 2 hours. After one hour, we again called the customer care, but they told us to wait 2 hours again, so we were remembered about the first call of waiting 2 hours, then they said to wait one hour. It was a fun. Actually they have no idea about the issue. Just says to wait 2 hours always and ask us to know anything about state bank services except banking issue.. lol

     Like this, their site is also a fun. Always says ‘Site is under maintenance, and will be okay at 10.00 am’, if we come back at 10.00am, then they says to come back at 10.30am, if we come back 10.30am, and then they says to come back at 11.30am. There is no end of come back and waiting… lol

State bank internet banking issue

    I think bank has some technical issue, may be attack of any hackers… The issue seems Denial of service attack.. Because site can’t manage heavy traffic and current bandwidth is filled by fake traffic.
But this issue makes a large problem in many fields especially in business fields.
Some of issues faced by state bank users are:
  • Can’t pay university fees like examination fee
  • Can’t use state bank credit/debit card for purchasing or payments
  • Can’t make internet transfer of money
  • Can’t make internet transactions like buying products online with internet payment
  • Due to these issues, there is loss of lacks or crores of money transactions in business field. Due to this issue, many universities extended the last date of application or payment.
How to make payment using State Banks via Internet banking?

 After two weeks of isses, now state bank sends message of inconvenience to their customers.

SMS says:

Dear Customer, We are facing intermittent problems during daytime in our Internet Banking facilities. We request you to make use of facility during early morning or late evening hours. Inconvenience caused is regretted. Regards, -INB Team-
  • As the message indicate, try to make payment between 10.00 pm to 9.00am. (Personally verified, if you can't try between 2.00am to 7.00am)
  • Try to make payment with other banks than state banks
  • Make payment at bank branches directly.

After solving all issues, we State Bank customers expect great services than current services.

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