Delete Facebook Messages One by One or Entire Conversation

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        This article describes how to delete Facebook chat messages under a Facebook conversation As we know, Facebook is the most popular and large social network site. Like instant messaging applications like kik, WhatsApp, etc Facebook is also used to send message each other between friends.

If your Facebook account is be hacked by someone, then he may steal or reveal all your private messages, or accident login may reveal your private messages. So it is better to delete private and secret information messages from your Facebook.

It was very easy to delete messages one by one using a single delete icon, but now Facebook updated their settings to delete individual or entire messages under a conversation.

How to delete all messages under a Facebook conversation in a single Click?

In pop up message box, the setting star button gives a menu with different options. There you can see a link name ‘Delete Conversation...’ to delete entire messages under that friend.

Delete all facebook chat messages

In Facebook message page, there you can see a same setting with same link to delete entire messages.

How to delete an individual or single Facebook chat message?

In pop up message windows, currently there is no direct button or option to delete individual messages one by one. So you need to go to Facebook message page.
         Here in the ‘Setting’ icon, you can see link name with ‘Delete messages’. If you choose this option, you can able to select message to perform deletion.
       Just tick on the boxes that indicate corresponding messages that you want to delete. After completing selection, just use the button ‘Delete’ to complete the deletion process.

Delete single facebook message

You need to confirm to get deleted single or entire conversations, because you cannot restore deleted messages anymore. So be careful while deleting important messages.

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