Adding 256 Members to a WhatsApp Group

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        This post describes new WhatsApp updates like adding 256 contacts to a single group
As we shown in our previous WhatsApp related posts, WhatsApp is an upcoming most popular mobile number based messenger. If Kik Messenger is the most popular in the western countries, where as the WhatsApp is more popular in Asian countries.
  The WhatsApp group has a great role in the growth of WhatsApp. Kik support maximum 50 members in a group, but WhatsApp supports adding members up to 100. The popularity of WhatsApp increases the number of users, many of people requesting to join same group. But it is not possible to add more than 100 members in a single group. In my case, I am an admin of some groups, one day one of my friends requested to add his number to the group. When I am trying to add him to the group, the group was full with 100 members. Finally I removed an inactive member and added him. If all members are active, then what can I do? Nothing… So many community created groups with group number like <group name> 1 , <group name> 2 etc. This was the main problem faced by WhatsApp customers.

Now, new WhatsApp solved this issue, which allows adding more than 100. It is a good news for all group admins. Now WhatsApp groups support members up to 256. I don’t know what behind this number 256. (May be the quarter KB of 1MB, 1024/4 = 256.. J)

How to get this facility?

Adding 256 members in a group

       No more steps are needed; just update the WhatsApp with new version. If you can’t get updated with Play store, then try to download and update the app from WhatsAppofficial site.

New Other Updates:
  • Stared messages: you can star any messages, so you can find easily later.
  • Free Life Time Usage:  WhatsApp was not free at first time. Now WhatsApp decided to serve for free. Now its service expiration is life time.
  • Emoticons were arranged into more categories, also added more emoticons
New emoticon smilies on whatsapp
  • And some small changes

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