Sending PDF, Word, Text, Excel, Presentation PPT Documents on WhatsApp Messenger

Tip Abstraction:
        Using latest version of WhatsApp Messenger, we can send/share document files like PDF to our contacts and also via groups.

Infolet recently published an article regarding new WhatsApp messenger updates. Adding members up to 256 was one of the great update from WhatsApp team. They understood that peoples especially in Asian countries use WhatsApp everyday for different purpose, but they use anther applications like Gmail, Google Drive etc for sending document type files to others. Currently WhatsApp allows sending Video, audio, image files to others, then why do people need another application to send other type files? I think this type of thoughts made some updates in new WhatsApp versions. Yeah, now version allows sending document type files to our friends and groups.

In file attachment button, we can see a new icon named ‘Documents’. Then we can choose document type files like pdf, doc, docx, ppt, xls, xlsx, pptx, etc.
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How to Select and Share a Document File via WhatsApp

  • As we read above, just tap on the document icon. 
Sending and sharing Documents on WhatsApp
  • Now you can see all the documents on your phone as a list.
Documents on our phone for whatsapp uploading

  • Choose a document that you want share with a contact or in a group.
  • Now WhatsApp will upload your document file like uploading videos and images.
Uploading pdf document on whatsapp
  • Done, now others can download your uploaded document file.
Uploaded whatsapp document

Issues and solutions while uploading documents on WhatsApp:

As we seen in above, this is a new update from WhatsApp, and this works well but there are some limitations and problems.

Ø Can’t see document uploading icon on my WhatsApp attachment button:
  • You should update your WhatsApp with latest version to get available this button. If you can’t see new updates on play store, then just download it from their official site.
  • You phone or phone OS may not supported. I have tested with my android phone (Samsung Galaxy Core Prime with kitkat OS)
Ø Cannot upload documents else pdf:
  •  It is a new update from WhatsApp, so currently you are allowed to upload pdf files only. We expect that they will allow to all document files such as Microsoft Word document (doc, docx), Excel sheets (xls, xlsx), power point presentation files (ppt, pptx), etc with their new updates.
  •  And you may not upload high sized pdf files.
Ø  Receiver or All group members should update their WhatsApp
  • We have to update our WhatsApp to send documents. like this, document receiver should update their WhatsApp to receive and download sent file. If receiver is not using latest version, then you cannot send documents to him.
If you try to send a document to someone but his WhatsApp is not updated, then you will get a message like this:
“<Contact Name> needs to update WhatsApp to receive documents”
Contact needs to update WhatsApp to receive documents

In case of groups, all member should update their WhatsApp to send or share a document in group even you are eligible to send document with latest version.

If you try to send a document in a group there some members are still using old WhatsApp versions then you will get a message like this:

“Can’t send documents to group because some members are on a version of WhatsApp that doesn’t support documents”
Old version of WhatsApp that doesn’t support documents

This is the main drawback of this updates. We also expect, they will solve all these issues.


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