Check whether you are In Kerala Assembly Electoral Poll List or Not

Tip Abstraction:
        Election commission is updating polling list. Here you can check whether you are in Kerala Assembly Electoral poll list or not

         Election Commission announced Assembly (Niyamasabha) election to May 16 and result will be published on May 19. So all political parties are busy with Assembly election and both LDF and UDF expect control on over next 5 years.
         But so many people are not in election poll even they are at 18 ages and election commissions allows to add their name until April 29. Here you can read an article which describes how to add a new name into election poll list step by steps.
          Election commission also decided to remove some names from poll, most of them are died. So now they already removed 1,20,415 people from poll list. From this, 82,016 are died people and 38,399 are duplicated on poll list. Also they may remove abroad peoples. They are continuing the process of adding and removing until April 29. So they will publish final list on April 29.
          In above process, your name may be removed accidentally or incorrectly, and we will not get the final list before April 29 and that is the last date of adding new names. But you can check your name is on poll list on not at any time using some methods. If you add a new name in to the list, then using this methods, you can check whether your name is added successfully or not.

How to Check Whether your Name is in Poll List or not:

There are 3 methods for finding this:

1. Using SMS:

You need to send a single SMS from your phone.

SMS format:

                  ELE<space><Your election id card number> to 54242

Find a Name in Kerala Niyamasabha Election Voter List

Example: ELE ZXU3049999

They will reply you the status whether your name is at polling list or not.

2. Using Chief Electoral Officer Website

Just open the official website of chief electoral officer (

There are two links:
Here you have select your district and select Legislative Assembly Constituency, now you can see all the booths in your area. Choose your booth and download the voters list and check your name.

Booth wise voter list in kerala
Here you have select your district and select Legislative Assembly Constituency

Then give any of your details, like Name, House Name, Relation name (Name of Father/ Mother/ Husband/ Guardian) or ID card Number.

Searching for my electoral details in kerala

They will list your details if you are in election voters list. Giving more details can help you to find your name quickly.

3. Using Touch Screen:

In district collectorate and Taluk collectorate offices contain a touch screen facility which help you to get enroll details, poling details etc. Just check on it.Check whether you are In Kerala Assembly Election Poll List or Not

If you can't find your name on the poll list, then add it quickly.

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