Speakfree App for Free Calling Over India without Internet Connection

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        This post describes how to get free  calls  over India without even an Internet connection. You need only an android application named speakfree

Before 5 years ago, the SMS was the most popular messaging system, but later the introduce and popularity of internet made a change in communication system, then people used social network sites and applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Soma etc. This change of technology made a breakdown in use of SMS service through on phone. So mobile network providers complained to TRAI authorities and they revised the charge of SMS and they stopped almost free SMS offers. But later, many applications introduced free calls though Internet. The free call facility on WhatsApp made an important change in mobile phone users. Then network providers again complained to TRAI and revised the rate of phone calls and internet.

So now we can call for free though internet, but the network providers pay much money to get fast Internet. Anyway, we should pay enough money to make a call with internet or using normal phone calls.

But peoples dream a facility of free call without internet, which is interesting and useful for economy peoples.

Now SUMBAV COMMUNICATIONS PVT LTD tried for this and made an android App named speakfree which provides  free calls over India without any penny rupees of money.

This is not lie nor fake, but works well over India. Really Unbelievable..!!

Speakfree free phone calls on kerala without internet


  • 100% free call
  • Can call to any state over India
  • Good clear and no pending, buffering or delay
  • No need of INTERNET
  • Dual sim calls are allowed

How to Get Downloaded the App

  • They does not provide dire.ct links, but  can download from Play Store
Download and install speakfree app 

How to Use SpeakFree App:

  • After downloading the App

  • Install with your mobile number.

  • You have to provide your Name,  Facebook profile name, district, and mobile number provider’s name.

  • You may provide dual sim information if your phone support dual SIM cards.
Speakfree Registration for free calls

Then complete the installation, you may get notification. (To complete installation, you need internet facility on your phone)

How to Use Speakfree App:

  • After successful installation, just open the application.
  • Then select a phone number, tap the call button.

  • Then you phone will dial an external number which connects to the destination.

Free phone call using speakfree app
  • So receiver should not know the caller’s number.

Disadvantages and Issues:

  • You should be install from Kerala, not support from any other states
  • Maximum length per call is 3 minutes, but can call again 3 minutes
  • Sometimes call may be connected.
  • One my phone never make a free call after successful registration. I don't know why


  • If you can’t get complete installation or if you phase any issue of calling, then you have to deactivate DND (Do Not Disturb) on your number.
  • And we expect they will solve all the issues as soon as possible with newer version

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