How to Create a Facebook Like Page

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        This tutorial describes that how to create a simple Facebook Fan 'Like' page with step by steps       Everyone knows that Facebook (simply FB) is the most popular and largest social network among the World. We use Facebook as a social network site to find friends, share our status and stuff, chat with people etc. But Facebook owners use Facebook as a business platform. They make millions of dollars on every month by advertisements, promotions etc. But some users also can earn money by marketing, advertising, promoting and selling their products on Facebook.
      Facebook allows anyone can create accounts using an email address or phone number. In case of normal Facebook account, we can make friends by sending or accepting friend requests. Here if your friend shares a media, then you can see that media on your Facebook home page, and vice verse. And if you reach the FB friend limit 5000, then you can’t make more friends.
Facebook also allows creating Fan pages, that others can be a fan or follow your pages by liking the page.         Here your page content displayed on peoples’ Facebook who liked your page and peoples’ content will not display on your fan page; this is a one way communication. Here no limit of number of ‘likes’ (like 5000 as friend limit in normal Facebook account).
      Normally people create pages for their business purposes. But anyone can create Facebook pages, if you reach the limit of friend 5000, then Facebook will suggest you to convert your profile into Facebook pages, because it has no limit. The number of likes indicates the popularity of you or your business.
      Creating and managing a Facebook page is completely free, but you can promote your items by paying money to Facebook.

Now let us create a sample Facebook page. 
  1. At bottom of your Facebook home page you can see a link named with ‘Create a page’. Else you can try this direct link.
  2. There are 6 types of Facebook pages specialized according to users’ needs. Now you have to select a type among 6 types. For example, I choose ‘Company, Organization or Institution’.

    Creating Facebook Fan like page

  3. Now you need to select the category of your company/institution, and then type your company/organization name. (This step may vary if your select another page type). Then click the button ‘Get Started’.

    Create a Fan page for my company
  4. Now you have to set up (configure) your page by giving more details. This step includes giving description, website, uploading profile picture, setting preference for audience etc. if you don’t want to add these details now, then may can skip the using ‘skip’ button. You can add these details later. Else use the button ‘Save info’

    Adding details of my company
  5. Now your Page is ready. You can update page details by going to ‘About’ tab. You can see how many people like your Fan page, Also you can invite your Facebook friends to like your page.

    Facebook fan page is ready
Also you can publish good contents to get more likes

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