Impact of Drones on Society and Humanity

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        This article shortly describes positive, negative and economic effects of drones on society and humanity.
       Drone is electronic equipment or a flying robot which can be remotely controlled by others. All devices were made for good purposes but human made them for worse using. Like this, the idea of drone was generated for good uses such as human can remotely control other flying device without any human existence on the device. Drone development was the one of great invention in twenty first century, and technology world seemed a great impact of Drones on the humans’ daily life.
       The normal peoples heard the word ‘Drone’ as a remotely controlled aircraft used by USA for destroying terrorist without going their centre, because army can remotely fit and place weapons using drone device.  Later Drone used to delivery of product that a customer purchased from an online website.
Commonly drone is used in military for defense and spy purpose, but also used in rural territories for personal uses. Like every device, Drone has many cons and pros which depends how the drone impacted the human life as good and bad.

Major Drone pros are remote controlling, low risk, low cost, etc

Remote Controlling:
     The name ‘Drone’ indicate the remotely controlled flying device, which can be controlled by human using their remote controller. The idea of drone was developed as an application of embedded system. Remote controlling with sharp accuracy is the core unit of a drone. A good drone may contain GPS devices which locate accurate location on the earth surface.

Low Risk:
      The major difference between drones from a normal aircraft is the size of drone which is small and does not contain any human. So drone can travel any dangerous area where human can’t enter. In case of military, army does not need to enter to the critical section of terrorist. If terrorist destroy the drone then that loses some money but not any person.

Low cost:
      While considering normal flying aircraft which is big in size and more expensive, because which has a responsibility to keep all travelers’ safe, but drone does not contain any traveler. So developing a drone is simple and cost effective and economic. As a delivery drone, which delivery products to the customers, this can reduce delivery charges, vehicle charges etc. As a drone buyer, the rate of a drone became cheaper even $100 onwards, so normal civilian can buy a simple drone for image capturing purpose with cheap rate of money.

Long operation hours:
      Drone is remotely controlled, so anyone can control it and which has no pilot inside. So there is no limit of working hours like working hours of a pilot.

High Accuracy of operation:
      The working platform or aim of a drone is more accurate. Latest technologies like implementation of GPS made drone more accurate to find and reach a destination.

Unrestricted Direction:
      The travelling area of drone is air which has no direction. So drone can be move in all direction according to their purpose.

Spy Activities:
      The word spy seems a worse but the spy is one of the most secret activity of almost countries. They spy enemies’ details, terrorists’ locations etc.  Drones enable stealing or spying secret details without any presence of human

Remote Camera:
      This is the major advantages of drone for normal peoples. Normally drones are used in military purposes but nowadays anyone can buy drone from market which contain remotely controlled camera to capture videos and photos. So sky view image or video capturing became easy and camera drone is more popular in almost recent large conferences.

Major cons of Drones are stealing privacy, killing innocent peoples etc

Against right to privacy:
       Human have a right to privacy, includes keeping personal things as safe. But drone in some countries always seeking everyone to track peoples’ activity to find out terrorist. Hare actually drone steal our privacy which is totally against right to privacy. This has an another side of pros, if there is something dangerous beside, then drone detect and inform to the military which can be safe the place.

Killing innocent peoples:
      This is the one of the main issue of drones. Every day drones kill hundreds of people; most of them are terrorists but contain many innocent people, because drone’s sensors never separate terrorists and innocent peoples.

Peaceless Environment:
      In a drone placed area, drone is always capturing the environment with their sensors, cameras etc. But peoples have no idea about presence of terrorist nearby; they only know the presence of missile and taste of injury and death. So peoples who live in a drone placed area are living with a peaceless mind.

Limited abilities:
      The main use of drone is intelligence, which can capture the environment but which has no ability to direct communication with people, so drone can’t confirm their investigations by direct communication to the peoples.

Low carrying capacity:
      The drone is simple and weightless, so which as a limit for weight carrying. Spying or camera drone does not need to carry any extra weight, but delivery drone should carry something to delivery to destination. The high power drone needs high energy which is more expensive and more battery consuming.

Lack of battery capacity:
      Normal drone has a battery capacity of less than one hour. So the battery should be recharged or replaced after every running.

Environmental Obstacles:
      While travelling or landing, drone may be damaged or crashed by beating on obstacles.


      The drone has a great impact on the human life in both good and bad way which depends how the drone is used, where the drone is used, why the drone is used. The lack of familiarly of drone among normal civilians seem drone as a killing equipment mainly controlled by US, which is a bad impact on the mind of people.
      The drone technology is growing day by day, which has a great future.  Recently a special drone developed which can carry a single human, so he can fly with the drone. The delivery of products, ID card, etc to correct person with finger print facility indicates the rapid growth of drone technology and its good impact on the human life.

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