Changing Lid Closing Action into Sleep or Hibernate on Laptop

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        Let us learn how to change our laptop lid closing action into sleep or hibernate
      In Laptop, the screen (monitor) part is commonly named as ‘Lid’. If we close our laptop lid, then what will happen? Shutdown? Sleep? Hibernate or Do nothing? If your laptop is new (new OS), then lid closing action may be ‘do nothing’ means, nothing will occur when you close the lid. Here if you don’t reopen the lid soon, computer is still running on with your battery. If you lid closing action is shutdown that may lose your data in case of accidental lid closing. So it is better to keep lid action as sleep or hibernate, it’s up to you.

Let us see how to make your laptop lid closing into Sleep or Hibernate.

     All settings regarding power are located at ‘Power options’ setting which is located on your computer control panel. So you can open this Power Options by searching directly for ‘Power options’ on start menu search box. If you can’t find this option by searching, then you have to open your control panel. You may find a control panel shortcut on your start menu. If you can’t see control panel short cuts anywhere, then search ‘control panel’ on start menu search box.
In control panel, you have to open ‘Power Options’ section.

      In Power Options, there are so many setting regarding computer Power and battery. There you can see a link to manage your lid closing action on left side with a text ‘Choose what closing the lid does’. Open this link.

Control Panel Power Options

This link will not show if you are on a Desktop system. Windows automatically detects your system and makes system into user friendly according to your hardware availability. That is why brightness button on desktop is not shown in desktop.

      In new window, there are 3 options. Which set actions when we press power button, sleep button and close lid. Here we have to change the lid closing actions. Currently it may be with ‘Do Nothing’ actions. Here you can select your action either Sleep or Hibernate that has to occur when you close your laptop lid. Shutdown action is also available, but accidental lid clause causes data lose.
You can set this option separately for ‘On battery’ or ‘Plugged in’ laptop status.

Make laptop lid closing action into sleep or Hibernate

     If all these settings are disabled/unavailable, or if you want to manage asking user account password while reopening lid, then you have to get Administrator permission. Link ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’ will able to get administrative power to make enough changes.
After setting all option, ‘Save Changes’ button save your setting. Now just try the new setting by closing and reopening your laptop lid. :)

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