WhatsApp Video Call: How to Enable and Make a Call

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        Now you can make HD video calls with your WhatsApp application. Here you can learn how to make a video call with your WhatsApp

Yes, now you can make video calls with your WhatsApp Messenger. After a long waiting, WhatsApp launched video call facility for all their users. There are so many fake news about WhatsApp video calls till today. As terminate for all those fake news and applications, today (16 Nov 2016) WhatsApp officially introduced video call facility with their normal version.

About WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp Video Call is similar to WhatsApp voice call. So you can simply make video call with your contacts. The quality of video call is great but depends your internet speed and phone front camera capability. Also delay of video depends your internet speed. This video call facility works well with both Android and iPhone and not sure about Microsoft.

How to get this video call facility with your WhatsApp?

There is no special activation or invitation for this facility. Like getting every new facility on WhatsApp, you must update your WhatsApp with latest version. For this, simply go to WhatsApp Play Store link and go forward with ‘Update’ button or download a new WhatsApp apk file.
Whatsapp video call update new version

After installation of newer version, you are ready with WhatsApp with video call facility.

How to Make Video Call with your WhatsApp?

First of all, you must have a latest WhatsApp. But there is no direct button for video call like voice call button. WhatsApp team may add a direct button in their later versions.

Now you have to view contact by taping on contact name. Just drag down and you must see a camera icon.
How to make a Whatsapp video call

Tapping on this button will start your video call with selected contact.

Live Whatsapp video call

If the receiver has no video calling facility due to any reason like lack of latest WhatsApp version or incompatible mobile phone, then WhatsApp will show you a message of ‘Couldn’t place call’.

Whatsapp video call could not place Error

Introduction of voice call is already a challenge to all mobile network providers. Because many of WhatsApp users use WhatsApp voice call without using normal phone call. Nowadays most of people have internet and WhatsApp application. So facilities like voice call and video call will be a great breakthrough in modern technology life especially with 4G network.

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