How to Sign Out Any Account without Internet Connection

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        This article describes a method to logout or sign out any your account without Internet availability 

         Login process enables us to access any account. Also logout or sign out closes the opened account. Due to invention of cloud computing and social media, most of people have any of these accounts. We should enter our user name/email to enter an account. Instead of entering our user details for every login, websites store our user details on our browser as cookies or session value. If you enables ‘keep logged in’ for your account, then your account details (both user name and password or equivalent details) should be stored in your browser as a cookie memory. That is why you have to enter your login details in another browser even your keep logged in another browser.

            In public or strange system, normally people does not hold their login details and people must logout their session after the usage. But if you lost the Internet connection or lost the power, then how can you successfully logout from the logged In device?

In case of lose Internet connection

            There should be a data of your login details on that browser. But don’t worry.
I told you that, all login details are saved in the browser cookie memory. You can delete those details without Internet availability.
            You can simply delete all your browsing data including saved passwords, history and other login details. Just open your browser that you have to logout or sign out an account. Then just press Ctrl + Shift + Delete buttons simultaneously from your keyboard. (or open browser settings/options => Privacy =>Clear history and browsing data)
Then you will get a window like this. This window depends your browser.

How to logout without internet

        This screenshot is taken from Opera Browser. Here select your browsing time period that you want to remove browsing data, may be one hour or past day. Then select items that what do you want to delete from browser. If you can see ‘passwords’ then select it. If you can’t see ‘passwords’ section then select all. Then ‘Clear browsing data’.

        This is the screenshot of Mozilla Browser. Which does not contains password section. But you can delete all browsing data including password by checking all check boxes.

How to sign out any account without internet

This clearing data contains your login details. So your account cannot be login without giving username and password again.

In mobile devices like mobile phone or tablet, you can see privacy setting on browser Setting section. There should be an option to remove stored browsing details.

          This clearing also clear all login details including other login accounts. For example if you want to logout your Facebook that you logged in your friend’s laptop, then this method of data removal clear user details that contain your friend’s Gmail account.

In case of Power Off

If the device electricity is gone, then your browser may ask user details again. Unfortunately sometime your account maybe reopened without asking user details again. We cannot try first method without presence of electricity. So it is better to login from another device and change the password.

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