How to Clear WhatsApp Call Log in Android and iPhone

Tip Abstraction:
        Here you can see how to clear your WhatsApp call history or removing one by one

Using WhatsApp we can make text chat, voice call and video calls. All these three services are perform well and Nowadays WhatsApp voice call is more popular in these days. The quality of voice and making a calling with low bandwidth are the main reasons behind this success. WhatsApp company demand that more than a millions WhatsApp calls are in a day.

WhatsApp chatting facilities are too simple and easy to delete or archive it. Long tap and selecting ‘delete’ option is the way to delete WhatsApp chats. But you can’t delete WhatsApp call logs like this. Let’s see how to delete or remove a call log from the Call tab list.

There are two methods of deletion, first one deletes entire call logs and second one deletes call logs one by one separately.

Deleting All WhatsApp Call Logs:

In WhatsApp ‘Call’ tab, just tap on option icon.

WhatsApp call log for deletion

There you must see an option with named ‘clear call log’.

Clear whatsapp call history

Confirm deletion.

Now all your call logs will be cleared, which may takes more time depending number of your call logs.

Deleting Call Logs One by One

In WhatsApp Call tab, you just open a caller name that you want to delete from the list.
Now again tap on the setting button. There should be an option named ‘Remove from call log’.

Remove whatsapp call log

This option removes that call log only.

Clearing Call Log in iPhone

  • Go to ‘Recents’ tab on bottom. 
  • Tap on Edit open on top right site.
  • Now select the call log that you want to delete and tap on the ‘Delete’ button from top right. 
  • Done button will complete the deletion process. 
  • Use ‘clear’ option from ‘Recents’ tap to clear entire call logs. 

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