Bigrock Domain Customization with Blogger

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        This tutorial describes how to customize your blogger blogspot domain into to a top level domain with Bigrock domain manager.

        Of the millions of websites, most are blogs provided by sites like Wordpress, Blogger, etc. Blogs are also websites but they are personal websites. But if you make a free blog in Blogger or in Wordpress, your domain will be like a sub domain. Example:, etc. But if you buy a top level domain, it is difficult to identify a site is a blog or a normal website. It is simple and easy to get a custom top level domain. If you register for a top level domain, then your blog address become (according to registration) instead of

Why you should register for top level domain ?
  • Small size of domain name 
  • Rid forever from domain tail like and 
  • Simple to Say and Easy to remember 
  • High position in Google search result and SEO. 
What are famous and best Top Level Domain Name Extensions?
  • .COM - Commercial 
  • .NET - Network 
  • .ORG - Organization 
  • .INFO - Information 
  • .BIZ - Business 
How Can You Register a Top Level Domain?

There are so many sites are available to register a custom top level domain like godaddy, Bigrock, domain etc. But I registered many domains on Bigrock. And I also recoment you to register your new domain with Bigrock.

  • Cheap domain rate. 
  • Full time customer support with live chat.
  • Discount coupons are available 
  • Support Internet Banking for payment 
  • Simple and easy steps.
  • Separate Country options for India, USA, China and Global (Separate currency option) 
How can you buy a domain name from Bigrock?
  • Open the site Bigrock.
  • Create a new account or Log In if you have already an account on Bigrock.
  • Search for a good domain name.
Doman search in bigrock in

It is difficult to get a top level fancy domain name. Use hyphens (-) in between domain names' words. Example: may not available, but may be available.
  • Add to your cart  

  • Check out. 
check out the bigrock domain price

  • Select a payment option and Pay. Done 
Bigrock domain name payment options

How to connect your Blogger site to new top level domain in Bigrock?

  • Open Bigrock click on My Account
  • Click on your domain name from list
  • Go to bottom DNS Management, open Manage DNS
Manage DNS of Blogger with Bigrock

  • A new window will open.
  • Now you can see an option to Add new A record. Click on it.
Adding A Record in Bigrock DNS management

  • Leave Host name as Blank
  • Type Destination IPv4 Address as Then click on Add Record
Adding A Record in Blogger with Bigrock

  • Like this create again 3 new A record, their Destination IPv4 Address are respectively 

Open Blogger in new tab of your browser.
  • Setting (Basic)
  • Under the heading publishing, you can an option as ‘Add a custom domain
  • Type your top level domain name (you bought from Bigrock) with ‘www’.
Set custom domain for blogger with bigrock

  • Save. Now note the given instruction carefully.
Blogger custom domain options
  • Do not save now.
Now again come to Bigrock DNS Management.
  • Click on CNAME RecordsAdd CNAME Record
Adding CNAME record in bigrock

  • Give Host Name as www and Value as Click on Add Record
Adding Blogger CNAME record in Bigrock

  • Again Add another CNAME Record with Host Name and Value as shown in blogger custom domain setting. (Host Name and value shown below image is entirely different from your Host name and Value)

Adding second blogger verification CNAME
  • Done.

Now come to Blogger again click on ‘Save’ button.

Now if you are still getting the error,
We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 14, 12 , 32

We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 1

 Don’t worry. Bigrock have to setup something about your domain. Just wait about 12 hours and Login to your blogger and come to Setting -> Custom Domain then Save. You should not get any error.

After successful save, you can open your blog by your new top level domain name that you bought from Bigrock.

If you can’t open your blog without using www (example: instead of, then

  • Open Bigrock.
  • Below DNS Management, there is a free option for Domain Forwarding. Open it.
Bigrock domain forwarding option

  • Just fill your top level domain name as destination with www(see image). Then Save.
Bigrock how to domain forwarding

  • Now go to the Blogger Dashboard. Go to Settings.  Under Publishing, you can see an checkbox to Redirect your your domain into the top level domain. Just mark a tick and Save.
Domain redirection in Blogger dashboard

Within 2 hours your naked domain (domain without www) will redirect to top level domain (domain with www).

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