How to Unlist Your Number and Name from Truecaller

Tip Abstraction:
        This tip shows how to remove your contact details from popular mobile owner look up App true caller. 
True caller is one of the popular phone number owner identities searching application. You can search owner name, email, etc using a phone number with true caller’s site as well as their mobile application. Mobile application is better because application shows caller name while ringing you.
The working of True caller is simple, their application access and keeps the contact list of installed devices. In case of website service, you must sign In with your Gmail or Microsoft account. So they will access your Gmail and Microsoft accounts. This may steal your mobile number and email list; also you have to give your email address while creating a truecaller account on your phone. That is why latest version shows caller’s email id too.

Here, let us see, how to remove your number or details from truecaller database list. The trick is very simple; you must to unlist your number from truecaller’s database. This facility is available on their official website.

But if your number is registered on truecaller application, then you must deactivate your truecaller account from your mobile device.

How to Deactivate TrueCaller

  • Open Truecaller application.
  • Open Truecaller Option Menu.
Truecaller application settings
  • Open Settings (at end)

Truecaller menu setting 
  • Go to About section (at end)
Truecaller unlist about page
  • Here you can see an option for deactivate account. 
Deactivate Truecaller account
  • Tap on it. Press ‘yes’ for confirmation. 

How to Unlist a Phone Number

Now let’s see how un-list your number from their website.

  • There you can see an unlist form. 
  • Now type your phone number with country code. 
  • Confirm that you are not a robot. 
Unlist me from truecaller
  • Now click on ‘UNLIST PHONE NUMBER’ Button. 
Unlist a truecaller phone number

If you have successfully deactivated your truecaller, then you will get a box of success message.

Your phone number was unlisted

Else you will get a warning message of deactivation required.

If you are a Truecaller user and have verified your number you must first Deactivate your account

There is no simultaneous ways unlisting with using their service. But try with inserting another SIM card on same mobile phone and register with that number.

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