How to Sign out Hangouts on Mobile and Computer

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        This tips shows how to log out your Hangouts messenger from all your devices such as Computer as well as Mobile devices. 

Author: Jisha P Menon

     Hangouts is a social media application which provides a lot of features such as SMS, voice call, video call etc. It also allows conversation between two or more users. This software is developed by Google. Google talk was the older version, and the Google renamed and modified the application with the new name Hangout.
The name Google hangouts and is released on 15th May 2013 as a freeware. It has a series of stable releases for Android, iOS. The software is supported by most of the modern browsers.
 This can be accessed by Gmail or Google + or by mobile apps (can download from Google play store).

Connecting through Gmail:

       You don’t have Hangouts application if you are on a computer. Just Log In to your Gmail account with Standard Gmail view. You can see your contacts at left side and you can simply talk with them.

Connecting through Hangouts Mobile App:

      Here you must download Hangouts application whether Android or iPhone. After downloading the app from Android play store or iPhone iTunes, just log In with your Gmail username and password.

Connecting through Hangout Web App

     Just go to Log In if you are not logged In already. Now you will get an exact similar view of Hangouts Mobile App

By selecting the + option of the opening screen of the app, you can start a new conversation with the users already existing in your contact list or new users. Also can start a video call.

How to Sign Out your Hangouts

How to Sign out from Hangouts Messenger

From Computer:

If you are at computer, then simple Log out button is enough. And if you are using Hangouts Web App, then click on your image that located at the top right position of the page. There you can see a Sign out button.

Sign out Hangouts from computer web app

From Mobile Devices

But if you are at mobile phone or tablet, then app will not ask you’re your password while opening the application.
If you want some privacy on your message, then you delete your conversation. If you want to delete a particular conversation you can long tap on the conversion that you delete, then you will get an icon for deletion.

By choosing the option menu from the option menu you can turn the history turn ON or OFF which helps to hide the conversation contents with a particular user without deleting it.

If it is necessary to sign out from hangouts like sign out from Facebook due to security reasons, then

  • Just open your Hangouts Menu Option.
  • Open settings
Hangout main menu option
  • Here you can see your account user name with email id. Tap on it. 
Hangout settings
  • In new account setting menu, there should be an option for ‘Sign out’.
Hangout signout

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