How to Add Another Account in a Hangouts App

Tip Abstraction:
        This tip shows how to add/connect more than one Hangouts accounts to a single Application.

Author: Jisha P Menon

Hangouts is growing day by day. Due to the Google is the owner of Android, most of android device has a default Google Hangouts application. As we have multiple Google accounts, you may need multiple Hangouts accounts. It is possible to install or use multiple WhasApp, kik, Skype, Imo, etc. applications using multi accounts software like parallel space.
        If we have more than one browser, then we can use many Hangouts web application in a same device. Then what about Hangouts with mobile App?  Is it possible to sign in more than one user in hangouts at the same time...? And that too from the same device Hangouts app..?
There might be such situations that more than one user need to use hangouts of the same device. Of course, it is possible. There is such an option in hangouts called "add accounts” which makes this possible. Let’s see how we can add one more account in hangouts other than the current one.

There methods and steps are almost similar in Android, iPhone and Microsoft devices.

  •  First select settings from the options as given below. 
Hangouts main menu
  •  Now select "Add account".
  •  Now you will get another dialogue box for adding a Google account . Now give your account information. Also you can create an new account. 
Hangout add another account


The following way will also reach you there by directly selecting "Add account" by taping on arrow symbol.
Hangouts add account
  • Then select appropriate options from the dialog box for the sign in process and give your account information.
And it is done.

Like this we can add as many users as we wish. For example, there are three different users signed in in the following hangouts

Hangouts different users

How to Switch between Google Hangouts Accounts

You have already logged In in all your accounts. So you are still active with all your accounts. The details of each signed in account can be seen in the main menu. Toping on the DP logo will enter to the corresponding account chat list.

You can sign out or change the user settings as well.

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