Solving Limited or No Internet Access with Yellow Network Icon

Tip Abstraction:
         This tutorial try to fix the network connection error of limited access or no network access with yellow exclamation mark.
Sometimes your Internet cannot be connected even everything is okay and you have been running all these previous days.  But what happened today?
You may get any network issue while you did not shutdown the computer or network device well.
So you may see an exclamation mark with Limited Access or No Internet Access on network icon at right bottom of your start bar.

Limited access exclamation mark on network

These are some solutions that may resolve your issue. I hope that these tips will work with you.
First of all your must ensure that your Internet connection is perfect, means Internet/data is reaching to your computer but your problem is regards with connecting to the Internet.

Troubleshooting the Network problems:

 This method will helps you to find the reasons of your issue and this may automatically solve the problem.

  • Right click on the network icon that located on the right bottom of your start bar.
Troubleshooting networks
  • Now select ‘Troubleshoot problems’.
Windows Network Diagnostics

Your Windows Network Diagnostics will open and will start to diagnose your problem. If your issue is solvable by diagnostics itself then problem will resolve automatically. Sometimes diagnostics will show you the reasons for the issue such as network connection issue, modem issue, etc. So you need to do the corresponding action for the solution.

Restart your Modem and Computer:

Restarting your modem, computer, and other network devices may resolve your problem. Also resetting your modem may rid the issue.

Restarting Network List Services:

It is a service on the Windows operating system which manages all your internet and network connections. If it has any issue, restarting the service may fix your issue.

  • Open your Run Prompt’. (Press ‘Windows Key’ + ‘R’)
  • Type ‘services.msc. OK
  • Now a window of all your OS services will open.
  • Look up for ‘Network List Services’
  • Right click on it and select ‘Restart’.

Restarting Network List Services

Disable – Enable – Diagnose the Network Adapter

This works well if you are using mobile modem like connecting via Wifi, Bluetooth, Wifi Adapter, 3G/4G Net setter Dongle etc.

  • Open Network and Sharing Center by right clicking on network icon that we shown in first method.
  • Go to Change Adapter Settings or select current connected connection.
Networking and Sharing Center
  • If you are with Adapter settings method, then right click on the active connection adapter (without any error mark).
  • Select ‘Disable’.
Disable Enable Diagnose the network adapter
  • After disabling, select ‘Enable’.
  • Also Adapter Diagnose will help you to resolve the issue.

Invalid Network Configuration

If you are using broadband connection then you have to configure your connection. If there is any issue with network configuration, then you can’t be connected to internet.
As we shown in above image, go to the Network Adapter settings. And select ‘Options’ and configure the network connection correctly.

Reset netsh winsock

This method worked with me personally. Just open your command prompt as Administrator. Then
  • Type: netsh winsock reset
  • Press Enter Key
  • Restart your PC.

Restart the Computer

If all above methods fail, then restarting the computer may solve your problem. Personally I have solved with my computer by restarting method.

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