Fix: Wi Fi Connected But No Internet

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        This solution solve a major Windows 10 Internet connecting issue with Wi-Fi
    In latest Windows OS like Windows 10 and Windows 8, you may face an error while connecting to the Wi-Fi. That is you are connected to the hotspot point but No Internet and network is still on identifying processing.

    In my laptop, I have been using Windows 10 and I connect internet from my mobile phone hotspot. But one day, I couldn’t connect to the internet. I checked the issue, there I saw a yellow exclamation mark on the internet signal point and the problem lies on the hotspot internet connection which is connected but No internet.   After many checking and troubleshooting I could solved the issue. Here you can read some basic solutions to solve the issue.

    But later, I faced same issue and I couldn’t solve using above methods and I tried so many solutions written and published on many websites and YouTube. But I failed in all ways. I thought the computer has a file missing with network configuration files. So repaired my Windows 10 with a bootable device.

    Actually I succeeded with that experiment but the success had no long age. After a shutdown or hibernate, I faced same issue and OS repairing couldn't not solve the issue.
I again search on Internet and one method worked with me. Here I share the secret solution.


What are the reasons for this issue?

Actually I have no clear reason for this issue, but I think hibernating your system while connecting to the hotspot connection may cause this issue.

  • First of all, you have to try all the solutions those are written on my previous article.
That may solve your issue and try below trick only those methods are not working.
  • Just open your command prompt (cmd) with administrator power.
    (Right click on start button, there you can see Command prompt (Admin))

    Fix for Wifi connected but No Internet

  • Then type or copy-paste this line of code into the cmd.

    netsh int ip reset
  • Press Enter Key and wait some time. 
  • Now you will get some messages with resetting your IP.

    Wifi connected but No Internet; identifying connection
  • Now you should restart your computer without trying another method. 
I hope you can solve your connecting issue with this method. Enjoy… 

If you can’t solve the problem then just leave a command below.

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