Recover Virus Hidden Files in a Flash Drive

Sometimes if you connect your pen drive on the virus attacked system, then the virus may hide all your folder and files on your pendrive. So you cannot see any files on your thump drive or memory card. You cannot show such files even you reconnect to your unaffected system and after removal of virus using antivirus.

Sometimes, virus creates a special type of shortcuts for your lost folders and files.
Some peoples think that virus deleted all their files and lost the data permanently. But all the folders and files are safe but hidden.

How to show Virus Hidden files:?

You can see all your files by showing hidden files on your system. In previous version of Windows like Windows 7, you have to follow these steps to make visible your hidden files.

But in latest versions like Windows 10:
  • Just open any folder.
  • In your explorer header, come to 'View' tab, there is a check box to hide/unhide hidden items. Just check the box.
  • If you still can't visible those files, then just click on the 'Options' on view tab. Now you will be get a new window named  'Folder Options'. Select 'View' tab.
Here you can see an option to uncheck 'Hide protected operating system files'.

Unhide protected operating system files
  • Ok
Now you can see all your files are not hidden.

Be careful doing this. This can visible operating system protected files too. So you might see some such hidden files on your desktop and other drives. So do not delete such files.

How to Unhide Hidden files. ?

In above method, your hidden files’ state is hidden, but you just seeing such files. But if you unhide such files permanently, then you don’t visible to hidden files by doing first step.
  • Just open Command prompt as Admin. In Windows 10, right click on start button, there you can see a direct option to open command prompt as Admin. 
Opening command prompt as admin

In Windows 7, just search for ‘command prompt’ in start menu search field. From the result list, right click and open command prompt as Admin.
  • Now located to the drive of pen drive. For this, open your ‘Computer’ or ‘This PC’ and find the pendrive drive letter.
Type ‘Drive letter:’, then hit Enter key.

For example: F: where ‘F’ is the pen drive letter.

Selecting a drive in Command prompt

(Be careful while selecting the drive, incorrect selection will make problem of showing operating system protected files too)

Now just type or copy - paste (right click on command prompt) this line of code:

attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

Hit Enter Key.

Unhide Virus affected Hidden files

Now Just wait a bit, depending the pendrive data size.
Now all your virus affected hidden files should be unhidden.

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