Cannot Type User Login Password in Windows 10

Can’t type user login password on your Windows 10? Oh.. Don’t worry. Let us try to solve your problem. One day, when I was reopening my laptop, it was in sleeping mode, Windows asked me to type user login password, but I couldn't type any letter using my keyboard except some keys like ‘N’. Sometimes it may be blank.

Then I tried to press all the keyboard keys. Finally, I could solve my issue.
This problem mainly shows with Windows 10 operating system. I didn't face any such issue with other old Windows versions like Windows 7, and you may not face this problem whenever you restart your system. This happens only when you reopen your system after system sleeping or re-opening your laptop lid.

Cannot Type User Login Password in Windows 10

I have no idea behind this error. Like this, Windows 10 has many issues like connecting WiFi networks.
You can adopt many ways to overcome this issue, some of them are:

Solution 1: Press Ctrl (Control) key.

This is the best way that works with me. After trying all keyboard keys, I could find that Ctrl key can solve this issue. When you press your Ctrl key once, then all your keys must work well normally.

Solution 2: Using On-Screen Keyboard

In login screen, there should be a shortcut icon at right bottom for Each of Access services.

On screen keyboard in windows login page

There you can open On-Screen Keyboard.
Now you can choose password keys using mouse pick.

Cannot Type Password in Windows On screen keyboard

Solution 3: Restart your PC:

If both of these solutions are not working, then you have to restart your computer to solve this issue.

Restarting windows 10

Actually restarting PC is not a exact solution. This lose all your working data.

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