Search Engine Tips and Tricks

All we are familiar with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The major function of a search engine is the finding websites appropriated to our searching query.

Rather than opening and using the Search Engines, there are something more..

Some interesting things about Search Engines:

  • Google is the largest and popular search engine.
  • Yahoo or Bing is not the second one, Chinese search engine Baidu is the second one.
  • Some of people believe that both search engine and browsers are same.
  • Search engine is the main source of almost website traffic.
  • The success secret of Google is their search engine. 
  • Many private and non popular search engines use the Google search algorithms and they customize the search result.
  • Some of top links on search results may not be the exact results.
  • All your search queries are saved at their server and you can check them at any time. Those are available on Google privacy section.

Some of tips and tricks:

  • In google search engine, button ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ opens the first search result website directly. 
  • You don’t need to open search engine for searching a query, typing on browser website bar and hitting Enter key will give you the search result on your default search engine. 
In browser setting/preferences, you can set your default search engine.

Default browser search engine
  • Direct Downloads
You can directly download some kind of files directly from search result without opening a page. This kind of download is possible for downloading doc, pdf, swf, ppt document types files.

- Best mathematical problems filetype:pdf

 Where ‘Best mathematical problems’ is the search query and pdf is the file type. The key word filetype: is fixed and there is no space in between file, type,:, and pdf.

Similarly, you can download other documents, you can read more about downloading documents direlty from search result on my previous article.
  • Searching queries on webpage title and url.
           Query intitle:website


      Learn C
-- Generates result with keyword ‘Learn C’ on website title of

     Find area in C
--Generates result with keyword ‘Find area in C’ on website URL of 
--Gives all the pages which contain on link.
  • Opening Search result links on new browser tabs:
When you click on a search result list link, the page will be open in same tab on the browser. But mouse scroll button can open the link on a new browser tab. Also you can set to open all your search result links on new tab always using a Google setting.

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