Can't Create a New Partition in Windows 10

While installing Windows Operating System on your computer, you may have to create a new partition. Normally there is an inbuilt option to create, delete and format your drives.
But you might face many errors like ‘Windows cannot be installed MBR partition table’ while installing your Windows 10. Similarly, error while creating new partition is also a problem with Windows 10 installation.

While creating new partition you may get an error like ‘we could not create a new partition’ or sometimes Windows will not show any error. You might solve this problem by deleting all your partitions, but which is not possible in all cases especially if your partitions contain many important data.
Here let us see how to overcome the problem of couldn't create a new partition.
You must specify the size of your partition while creating it, but commonly this problem arises due to large size of volume that Windows does not manage with it.

So as a solution, you can just create a new partition of size 7GB or less, but you can extent your partition with enough GB after creating the partition successfully.
 In below example, I couldn't create a new partition of size 70GB with Windows 10 installation.

Windows cannot create a new partition

So I try to create a new partition with 7GB, which is approximately equal to 7200MB.
Now use the button ‘Apply’. Done. Now successfully created a new partition with size 7GB.

There is an option to 'Extend' your current volume with unallocated spaces. There you can specify the remaining volume size in MB.

Windows extending a partition

Now you can extend all remaining MBs with your current drives.

New Windows Partition

Like this, If you are facing an issue of ‘Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks’, then here is the solution.

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