WhatsApp: Solving Unable to Connect to Internet

Are you facing any problem with WhatsApp connection with internet today?
You might face some connecting issue to WhatsApp server on your phone. So you cannot get Internet connection to your WhatsApp application only, and even other application can access the Internet. Sometime, you can receive messages, but you can’t send messages to your contacts or on groups.
Here are some solutions to solve this kind of issue.

Switch mode between Airplane and Normal 

Just activate your airplane mode or flight mode and again get back to the normal mode. This method helps if you have any problem with your mobile network or mobile data. Disable and Enable of SIM cards can also perform same task.

Switch On/Off Wi-Fi

This problem solves only if you are using internet through Wi-Fi. Also verify that your wifi connection has an active fast Internet.

Force Stop and reopen your WhatsApp:

If you could not connect WhatsApp with internet service, then this method will work well if your internet is not available on your WhatsApp only. Here the problem is occurred with your WhatsApp application. This is an initializing trouble. You can simply solve by stopping the service process of the WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp connection problem unable to connect the internet

In your Android phone, take the 'Settings', there you can find the list of your installed application that you installed on your phone. There select and open the WhatsApp.
At the end of the description, you can find a button to 'Force stop' the application. Tap on it. You maywait some seconds to stop the process. If you can't, then tap again until it get stopped.

whatsapp unable to connect the internet

Now again open your WhatsApp, your problem will be solved.

Restart your Phone

This is the final solution. This can solve your issues those are regarding with your phone.

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