Changing Theme on Android Devices

Tip Abstraction:
        This tip shows how to change your default theme on your android devices such as phone, tablets, etc

Nowadays most are people are using android devices. User interface views are different in different android versions and different mobile brand. But we can change the view of our mobile phone by changing the theme.  Changing the view includes change in the icons, wallpaper, lock screen background, icon positions, etc. Let us see How to change the theme on our android devices.

  Here all these steps are used with my Xiomi Redmi phone. Follow the following steps:
  • First of all open the ‘Themes’ application on your mobile phone (an in-built App).
Change theme on android phone
  • Then we can see different types of themes. Not that your phone should be connected to the internet. 
Android theme gallery with category
  • Now you need to select a theme.
  • There are plenty , verity, collection of the themes with categories –as natural, for “Girls “and “Boys”, the material, the moods, young and colorful etc. if you drag left on a category, you will show all the themes under the category.
  • After selecting a theme you can read the summery of the theme with screen shots. Here you will get an overview of your selected theme. Here I selected an IOS (iphone) theme. 
  • Tap on the download button. Look at the theme size, more sized themes contain more styles like animations.
Change theme android download
  • Just wait some time for completing the download.
  • Now apply the theme.  
Applying a new theme on android

Now your icons, background images, etc will be changed.

Android new theme selected

You can change (apply) your downloaded themes without downloading them again.

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