Live Lok Sabha Election Result is on ECI (Election Commission of India) Website:

Indians are waiting for election result of 2019 lok sabha. Everyone is curious for the result and the to know the next government and prime minister of the nation India.
Loka sabha election conducted for 545 seats. To get majority mark, a party should get atleast 272 seats for make government without joining other parties. BJP, Congress (NDA and UPA) are waiting to reach the magic number of 272 seats.

Exit Polls:

Most of the exit polls supports BJP and NDA, but some of them especially last published exit poll are UPA supporting.

Everyone are waiting to know the actual result of the vote. So many news are coming about the fake and cheat on election and electronic voting machine as well as on VVPAT (Voter verifiable paper audit trail).

So the actual result is very important and anything can happened on the day of result. The result publish on 23th May 2019.

Live Result:

Live results are available on the election commission website:  

Election Commission of India's (ECI):

Result on Mobile App:

You can see the live result on mobile App which is developed by ECI and can be available for both Android and iPhone (iOS).

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